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Hyperspin Background Music

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Can someone explain the background music feature to me. Going to be updating to Rocketlauncher and HS 1.4 later on today and wondering about the background music. Im at work right now and just thinking ahead. Well, more like I have nothing to do at work so I'm sitting here counting the seconds until I can go home and get my hands dirty :)


I see they get put into:


Media\System\Sound\Background Music\Name.mp3


Now does this only do background music for the system wheel, game, etc? Or can it be put in the Front End or Main Menu folder as well? What I'm really looking to do is have music playing in the background while browsing for a game to play. Once a game is selected have no music. But once you exit back to Hyperspin have the background music on again.

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Eagerly awaiting an answer to this as well, so far for me, RL or HL I've not been able to make this work. I have the main menu music from Wii and wanted it to play while selecting a game. No luck so far. I've even attempted making a theme with the file in there and can't make it work. Somewhere else on the forum is another persons post where there is no solid info as well...

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Is there a guide or somethng on how to set it up? So hyperspin doesn't offer it, it has to be doen through rocketlauncher? So you're saying it works with main menu as well as system wheels, but it will start the mp3 over once on a system wheel?

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