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  1. I'm trying to set an override transition on a game and its displaying the transition behind all the theme elements? Anyone know how to have it display correctly and in front?
  2. Sorry I forgot to go back and check this thread and thank you Giga. Used the grid setup with older PCSX2. Now I have the latest version with aliens tables (which are awesome btw) and rocketlauncher. So looks like I will be trying to set this up as well. Hopefully I can give it a try this weekend.
  3. Thanks for your advice. Decided to go with the upgrade since I have 30 days to go back to 7. Honestly, like you say, it feels a lot snappier. So far no issues, only time will tell. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I'm using ipac2 but don't use Taito Type X. I guess I'll just have to give it a go. Could always switch back to 7, hopefully.
  5. Currently running Hyperspin 1.4 and Rocketlauncher on a Windows 7 PC. Being as I only have 3 days left to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, is it worth it? How reliable is 10? Are there compatibility issues with the front end, emulators, programs etc. If anyone running Windows 10 can chime in that would be awesome.
  6. The ability to set an mp3/mp3 list in HyperHQ and play while searching through system and game menus would be awesome. Stop when launching a game, start back up when back to the menu. Would love to have some tron/daft punk and journey playing softly in the background while looking for a game to play.
  7. Sorry it took me so long, kinda fell off the face of the earth for a while. Getting back into the hobby since life calmed down a bit. Thanks giga and assasin for your video! Unfortunately, I still can't get that to work for me...
  8. Check out this thread, it's the one I use. Not sure if it's still on the ftp or not. If not I'll send you mine when I get home later. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/405-shooting-game-theme/
  9. Is there a guide or somethng on how to set it up? So hyperspin doesn't offer it, it has to be doen through rocketlauncher? So you're saying it works with main menu as well as system wheels, but it will start the mp3 over once on a system wheel?
  10. Yea I'm with you, woun't have made a thread but can't find information anywhere and no one answers.
  11. Can someone explain the background music feature to me. Going to be updating to Rocketlauncher and HS 1.4 later on today and wondering about the background music. Im at work right now and just thinking ahead. Well, more like I have nothing to do at work so I'm sitting here counting the seconds until I can go home and get my hands dirty I see they get put into: Media\System\Sound\Background Music\Name.mp3 Now does this only do background music for the system wheel, game, etc? Or can it be put in the Front End or Main Menu folder as well? What I'm really looking to do is have music playing in the background while browsing for a game to play. Once a game is selected have no music. But once you exit back to Hyperspin have the background music on again.
  12. Had some extra led strips lying around from when I did my bar. Threw some underneath the cab and connected to a molex on my pc.
  13. Thanks guys! Can't wait to start doing some more work on it. I've been having issues with people hitting the green power button on the control panel while the arcade is running and they're playing (morons). So...I decided to get a pushbutton cover for it. It should look ok. Was thinking more of a red toggle switch missle launch cover, but can't find one big enough to cover the arcade button I used as a power switch, so this should work. Also have an issue with people puttin their beers and other drinks on the arcade as well, despite me saying not to multiple times. There have been a couple instances were a drink fell over the control panel (drunks). So to avoid that from ever happening again, I just ordered a pair of arcade cup holders on ebay. Going to mount them somewhere on the cab, probably below the guns (would of rather had the cup holders above the gun wires, but given where the orignal gun wire holes were in the cab, don't have that option. Don't think it should be a problem with cup holders being below). Also picked up some led strips, going to put blue leds in one cup holder and red leds in the other. Pretty excited Since I have the pinball buttons on the sides of the cab as well, I have just been using the bottom right button on the control panel as the launch ball button. Though effective, thought up something cool. Got a square white led button coming in the mail and going to mount it in the front of the control panel by the arrow. To stick with the theme of the cabinet I'm going to print this out as an insert as well, missle fire button.
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