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  1. Game preview pictures pixelated?

    Hi Robert! How do you capture the screenshot? Or the images are from internet?
  2. How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    You don't need to touch the HyperHQ settings if you are launching games from Rocket Launcher. Some time ago i had problems with loading Sega CD roms too, and i had the same "cd player" window like you. I don't remember exactly how i fix it. Tonight i will take a closer look about my config and share it with you.
  3. MAME Disappeared From HyperSpin Wheel

    If you overwritten or deleted the mame.png logo, you still may see it, but without imagen, just plain text. Can you show us the content of the "main menu.xml" database?
  4. To zip or not to zip (or 7zip)

    I don't like using compressed files. The load times, the problem with the save/load states. I use save/load states because i have little time to play and perhaps i must stop a game in any moment and saving is very usefull to me. The only bad thing is that they need more hard disk space... buy with another hard disk the problem is solved! What i said is everything for PC. I don't use Android.
  5. Wheel se queda trabada en el mismo juego

    Como dijeron arriba, instala un HyperSpin (ultima version) desde cero, y agregale todo lo que haya traido "extra" el kit que bajaste (artwork, videos, etc).. Con una instalacion nueva no creo que tengas problemas. Saludos!!
  6. Hola que tal?

    Buenas jolefho, como estas? Que tipo de ayuda andas necesitando??
  7. Hola a todos

    Buenas! Tenes para rato para leer aca y hacer amigos jeje... Yo me meto todos los dias, si queres charlar o comentar algo, podes mandarme mensaje privado! Saludos.
  8. Your cab is amazing, congrats!!! I love that marquee....
  9. Marvel vs DC Comics Cabinet

  10. Music... Cars... Games...