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  1. Oh you are the guy from reddit. I replied there too. disable "joystic 1 enable" on hyperHQ settings,. You are good with the script and the joytokey only.
  2. It is looking pretty cool, bro. Not sure if you have figured it out already, but the shader look on MAME you are talking about, it is an .ini file that you edit. I got this from a spanish forum where they share that .ini file to give a retro look to MAME, which I like how it looks. But based on the picture you show there, my impression is that the shader they configured didn't end up being that nice. Let me know, maybe I can find that file for you so you can try.
  3. I am not sure about wbfs format, I guess there shouldn't be a loss or whatsoever. For PSX, I am not sure what your problem could be, unless you check the log. Have you read the notes about epsx on RL? or have you tried another emulator, like retroarch?
  4. thanks mate. Your videos are very helpful. I finally was able to get the nested working properly as following the explanation/documentation here on the forum, was not helpful. I was just chatting with you on a coupe of your videos (C. Rolando on youtube). I will keep following other videos I found interesting for me, others I already know but I can skim them to see if I missed something. Keep up the good work cheers
  5. Both, but rocketlauncher is like the primary one, like the "engine" and with hyperHQ you comunicate to hyperspin. Have you seen simply austin tutorial videos? They are a bit old but still useful. Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  6. You have the extensions and rompath empty. type on extensions "zip" , and rompath is the location folder. I think you should set the other screen as primary.
  7. I found some good ones at launchbox forum website. Marquees for the games of psx, super nes, etc.
  8. have you seen the notification above???? to update hyperspin to 1.5.1???
  9. ok, coming back with an update. I was able to make it work ... finally!!!! I had to download the RA 1.6.7 version from their website and then I got the cores for the sega saturn and placed them in the system folder. I used the beetle (mednafen) core for sega saturn by dowanloading it through the same RA 1.6.7. If I try this same thing on 1.7.x versions, doesn't work... well, I am glad I got it working again, but too bad it took me some days to figured just this out. lol
  10. I was trying to make this work last night and nothing. Updated to RA 1.7.3, updated the mednafen core, unzip the roms to read the .cue file directly and nothing. Not even directly from RA. I was trying to download an old build from RA website and the oldest one the keep is 1.6.7 but no cores, so it's not use for me. Could someone share an older mednafen (beatle) core for RA, that has not been updated? Before 1.7.X would be better.
  11. hmmm good point. I think I wont saving that much on space if I keep saturn roms on 7z format anyway. I can try one or two games on a different format, like chd, and see how they work.
  12. Oh i see. I have my roms on 7z, not sure if that matters, but i will check this. I will check your link as well. Hopefully i find a solution soon
  13. I feel you on that!, i was happy with my sega saturn setup and now this i got RA 1.4 (from simply austin youtube videos) but still didnt work. I think that version is too old run it properly. Also i have a RA 1.6.x (to leave as an alternative emulator) but i updated the core, and i get the same black screen. I shouldnt had updated that core but i didnt know at tha point.
  14. Hi Everyone, Well, I have updated Retroarch to version 1.7.xx (don't remember well), an I noted that Sega Saturn stopped work on RA and looking at the notes on Rocketlauncher, it says that the developers stopped supporting Daemon tools or whatsoever. And I have found on reddit some people mentioning the same issue with latest RA builds, but no answer yet. Has anyone had this issue with Sega saturn? There is SSF but I just liked the way I had Sega saturn on RA.
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