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  1. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    An updated ahk file to new versions. Tested on 1.61.4 DX11 version I did not updated the tables list. I noticed that I was only missing 1 table so I didn't spend time on it. Pinball Arcade.ahk
  2. Sega Ring

  3. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Nope, I never had that issue. @alnyden Are you editing the "My_Tables" using Rocketlauncher or Notepad? Try to use Notepad.
  4. Sega Ring

    Here is the TecnoParrot emulator module. For those who want to run directly from emulator instead of GameLoader All RH. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?4868-Teknoparrot-help-launching-games&p=37265#post37265
  5. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    If you're picking my module, use the Tables.zip (Page 13) uploaded in this topic. It's just a bunch of dummy file to cheat Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher. In the end they won't be used for nothing.
  6. Sega Ring

    There is already 1 system theme
  7. Sega Ring

    manson976 I like your logo however the color is similiar to RingEdge. It would be perfect if you could change it to a fusion color
  8. Sega Ring

    Yes, Tecno Parrot. This emulator is growing and for now it has 7 playable games.
  9. Sega Ring

    If this is not the right place to post this subject, please move it to the right one.
  10. Sega Ring

    Hi Guys. Yesterday I've compiled a game list for Sega Ring system. The idea is to have 4 systems in 1 file (Sega RingWide, Sega RingEdge, Sega RingEdge 2 and Europa-R). All systems are identified on <manufacturer> line. My source was segaretro.org I've also created a system logo representing these system fusion. All of this is unofficial but you can check it out and post some feedback. Sega Ring.xml
  11. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    That's strange. I'll try to grab that version to check what is the problem. Quick Note: the version I have is not a steam one.
  12. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Yes, it works with the new system menu and should work for future releases (if they don't change the system menu). Take a look and post feedback
  13. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    So... The history... I've added recently Pinball Arcade system to Hyperspin. The updated Rocketlauncher module didn't fit the version I got (1.59.5 DX11) with 83 tables. The module fits old version which the "My Tables" were listed instead of Tabled (columns and rows). What I did was changing into a mix version between Pinball Fx module and Pinball Arcade. So let's get to business: 1. Follow the module instructions. nothing changed from previous module. 2. Run Pinbal Arcade without using rocketlauncher or Hyperspin, Enter "Arcade" menu and then change the view for "My Tables" (by default it will be shown as "Alphabetic"). Quit the software normally. Next time, the tables will be shown on "My Tables" view. That's what we want. 3. Copy "Tables" folder to your Pinball Arcade folder (Tables.zip). This are just dummy txt files. I use "Roms Only" option from HyperHQ so I prefer to manage my wheel rables by adding or deleting these files. 4. Update your tables database on Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher (Pinball Arcade.xml) 5. Copy modified module to your Rokcetlauncher\modules\Pinball Arcade folder (Pinball Arcade.ahk) 6. In order to this modified module work correctly you have to inform how many columns the tables are shown in your screen. I realized that they change on different resolutions. In my case they are shown in 8 columnss so my module option is: nrcol := 8 ; How many columns are shown in your screen ? 7. Isd file wasn't modified so no changes. 8. This version should work on future releases, all you have to do is update the module, hyperspin and rocketlauncher game list 9. Tested all 83 tables and it worked fine however sometimes my computer take a little bit longer to load a table and the module doesn't do all the procedure. Quit (Esc Key) and start it again and it should work fine. 10. Enjoy !!! 10. Give feedback about how it worked on your computer. Note: Sorry about any english mistakes that you found. Pinball Arcade.xml Tables.zip Pinball Arcade.ahk