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  1. I'll be very thankfull. It's the only game I'm missing instructions card, that I want
  2. ok thanks. By the way is there any instruction card for Wrestlemania from Midway?
  3. Hi It's missing the Street Fighter ones. http://www.mmg1design.com/instruction-cards-for-hyperlaunch-with-moves-list-for-various-street-fighter-games/ Can you please add them too?
  4. An updated ahk file to new versions. Tested on 1.61.4 DX11 version I did not updated the tables list. I noticed that I was only missing 1 table so I didn't spend time on it. Pinball Arcade.ahk
  5. jviegas

    Sega Ring

    Here is the TecnoParrot emulator module. For those who want to run directly from emulator instead of GameLoader All RH. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?4868-Teknoparrot-help-launching-games&p=37265#post37265
  6. If you're picking my module, use the Tables.zip (Page 13) uploaded in this topic. It's just a bunch of dummy file to cheat Hyperspin and Rocketlauncher. In the end they won't be used for nothing.
  7. jviegas

    Sega Ring

    There is already 1 system theme
  8. jviegas

    Sega Ring

    manson976 I like your logo however the color is similiar to RingEdge. It would be perfect if you could change it to a fusion color
  9. jviegas

    Sega Ring

    Yes, Tecno Parrot. This emulator is growing and for now it has 7 playable games.
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