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  1. mikehyrus

  2. Actually Cliff Hanger, Cobra Command [MACH 3 Hardware], Cube Quest, Firefox, MACH 3 and Us Vs. Them are currently working and playable on MAME. However on MAME, Esh's Aurunmilla is almost working but playable, I noticed there was some work on Data East laserdisc games (Bega's Battle, Cobra Command [Original hardware] and Road Blaster) but unfortunately still not yet playable.
  3. Windows 10?

    The PC I built last year luckily didn't die from upgrading to Windows 10 this year, luckily no issues with HyperHQ on my side.
  4. StarWars cab

    Looks nice for the sequel trilogy IMHO.
  5. Version


    This is the 4:3 ratio version of the Pong Doubles theme. Feel free to download this theme for your old school CRT or 4:3 LCD monitor.
  6. Version


    This theme can go great for 16:9 widescreen monitors.