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  1. MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    ok, thanks
  2. MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    Even when opening the emulator on its own it takes ages All other emulators open fine, just MAME has this issue, again Windows 7 fine, 10 slow AF
  3. MAME opening slowly in Windows 10

    Hi all, I am using Windows 10 home edition and I am noticing MAME (I am using MAME 0.200 arcade) but also tried original MAME and it is taking about 20 seconds to load up. On Windows 7 this opens in 2-3 seconds, has anyone else experience this or has any thoughts on what may be causing it ? FYI, defender, UAC, firewall all disabled so nothing stopping it loading. Also tried making it admin, still the same. I7 PROCESSOR,16GB RAM, SSD DRIVE Thanks in advance
  4. Updating 2 year old Hyperspin

    Another option would be to backup all the files in your RocketLauncher folder and then update RocketLauncher (this is automated) If you experience any issues/changes (which you will ) then revert back to your backed up files But as others have said if it aint broke don't fix it
  5. CXBX-RELOADED in Hyperspin

    Thanks md_max much appreciated
  6. CXBX-RELOADED in Hyperspin

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to run cxbx reloaded as administrator in Hyperspin ? Reason I ask is although i can run it ok in Windows 10 if I do not set Hyperspin to run as admin, many other systems then do not work (gameloader etc) without setting each game to run as admin Even when i leave fade in off to allow myself to click yes in the confirmation box (see image) it still won't load. It's annoying as this emulator is now working well on certain games. Most emulators have an option to turn stuff like this off but I can't find it if it exists. Any help appreciated. Note, CXBX RELOADED emulator itself is not set as admin, just Hyperspin and this brings up this error.
  7. Exit Teknoparrot in Rocketlauncher ?

    Hi, All sorted now thanks, used bat files on pc launcher and now all ok
  8. Exit Teknoparrot in Rocketlauncher ?

    Yes it's an unusual one for sure. alt+f4 not working on this one. It will escape easily with Esc on keyboard but i cannot find a solution for exiting it on game xbox 360 controller. I have over 300+ systems and all escape perfectly but this one is an issue. If it uses gameloader then easily escapes, it's just teknoparrot emulator itself that seems to be the issue, or the module. Thanks anyway.
  9. Exit Teknoparrot in Rocketlauncher ?

    Hi, Thanks but is this to help me setup Teknoparrot ? Looks just like a Joy2Key setup ? What I am looking for is a way to escape games in Teknoparrot that don't have an exit option, e.g. Ford Racing for example.
  10. Exit Teknoparrot in Rocketlauncher ?

    Thanks, I use Joy2Key so may be useful. Do you have a link to your tutorial or can you explain how you set they keys ?
  11. Exit Teknoparrot in Rocketlauncher ?

    Hi All, I have setup Teknoparrot in Hyperspin/RocketLauncher and all games load fine. My problem is I have tried every permutation of exits possible using modules exit options and nothing seems to work. It is only an issue on games that need to exit Teknoparrot emulator itself that don't have their own exit button in the control options, example FR (Ford Racing) A simple press of the Esc key on the keyboard and they all exit fine. Does anyone know of a way to set these games to exit using xbox 360 controller ? Thanks in advance
  12. error

  13. Arcade buttons with XBOX 360 / Controller input ?

    Yes, I know I can do this, but I was just seeing if anyone knew of an encoder and buttons pack with optional controller connection like on Mayflash Joystick. By the sound of it this seems the easiest way to just re-wire connections to the corresponding inputs of the controller. Thanks for detailed info, very useful.
  14. Hi all, Does anyone know of any arcade buttons you can get that has an xbox 360,PS3 usb controller input connector with them ? I am thinking of the equivalent of a Mayflash arcade stick/ Venom arcade stick that allows you to connect controller into the back and then remaps buttons to this controller. You could literally strip out the mayflash arcade stick and use buttons/wiring on an arcade machine and then plug usb into PC, that's the reason for the question to see if there is already a set you can purchase. Reason to ask is simply because my whole setup is via an xbox 360 controller currently and it would be very useful not to have to remap them all for an arcade machine. Any info appreciated.
  15. JOY2KEY issue on certain keys

    Similar issue on RocketLauncher with default. If you set global default to true for say bezels it does not always work, so you then have to set the actual system to true and hey presto it works !! Very strange.