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  1. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    Thanks Thatman84, sent request to EmuMovies and can now see files. Thanks again
  2. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    no luck with port 21
  3. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    if you look at top of image its logged into emumovies, I am using port 221 (it's the same as Hyperspin) would that matter ? If it's a different port can someone let me know ? Thanks
  4. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    No, as I say your folder in NOT on there. I used same login as you Files.emumovies.com , and FTP works fine it's just that your folders are not in there anywhere
  5. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    Yes I looked in Other folder, your folder is not in there. Also it's EmuMovies, tried both this and Hyperspin FTP. I have used this for years and was sure I had seen it on there before. You learn something every day, maybe they need to let others know there is more than one type of FTP, as I was not aware and can't find any info Thanks again
  6. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    And this is on the Emumovies FTP server ? Is there more than one server ? , as I have logged in via Filezilla like I have always done and see only this:
  7. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    No worries, Thanks anyway
  8. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    Hi, Not there now, checked on Emumovies and Hyperspin Any chance you could upload them again ? I had the files a while ago and lost them all when my HDD died Thanks in advance
  9. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    Are these files not on the EmuMovies FTP anymore ? Thanks
  10. Hyperspin locking up

    Try looking at your firewall/ windows defender settings in particular (disable both) Also look to see if you have any other software that may be blocking Hyperspin on your computer. In my experience, it's usually something like this unless you have not set your system up correctly Also having only 3gb ram may be an issue. The better spec PC, the better Hyperspin runs.
  11. Mario Collection wheelart

    Thought I would share my Mario Collection wheelart. mario_wheels.7z
  12. Missing MAME videos FIX (sort of)

    I don't know about everyone else, but everytime I update MAME with the new xml (e.g. MAME 0.189 - 0.190) it ends up with loads of missing videos on my Hyperspin wheel (as they have not yet been released) A good temporary solution to this is to go and download the MAME snaps files (images only) and rename them all to .mp4/flv (whatever format you have currently) MAME has a snap for every game (38,000+) Then copy them to your MAME video folder, and this fills in all the empty videos all in one go, so when you view your game at least an image is showing, rather than nothing. Reason for using .flv or .mp4 extensions instead of the current .png extension on the MAME snap images is so that when you do get the new updated videos for the latest MAME then you can overwrite the .mp4/flv image files you have in you video folder, with the new actual .mp4/flv video files. Hope this helps
  13. To get a good score you need to get all the lit bombs in order (get all in order on a stage is 50,000 points) Also every 10 lit bombs a "P" appears, so plan around that jump till it turns silver (2,000 points) Every 5,000 points you get a "B" appearing, so try to work your game around these, as for every one you get your score doubles, triples etc for everything you subsequently do. Getting X5 on each stage will get you more extra lives quicker Good luck *NOTE TO SELF, NEVER THINK YOUR SCORE IS NOT GOING TO BE BEATEN, NOW I HAVE NO TIME TO TRY AND BEAT THE NEW HIGH SCORE !!!