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  1. Joy2Key conflicting with xpadder

    I have Joy2Key setup to control my main Hyperspin wheel and everything works perfectly, except when I go into a system that uses Xpadder and then exit that system back into the main wheel, the controls no longer work. I have tested in systems that use either emulators own controls or Joy2Key and they are both fine so it must be Xpadder. Is there something I am missing ? Thanks in advance
  2. MAME 0.188 - 0.189 CHD updates

    Hi, Does anyone know what chd's have been updated on MAME 0.188 - 0.189 ? Also just for future reference where can I find this info ? Thanks in advance
  3. No video snaps MAME

    Sounds like they are the wrong format. You can use Emumovies FTP site to download them all in one go. Check on their site for details.
  4. Does anyone have these XML's ??

    Hi all, I am having trouble finding any xml's for the following systems, does anyone know where I can get them ? Thanks in advance: Alpha Denshi Co Atari System 1 Atari System 2 Cave CV1000B Fuuki Co Midway 8080 PolyStation Sega Mega Play Sega Mega Tech System Sega VMU
  5. taito type x2 xml

    Hi, Does anyone have a Taito Type X2 xml or know where to find one ? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all, Currently you can only use the analog stick for MAME by default for MAME 0.182 on RetroArch (NVIDIA SHIELD TV) MAME Core. To get the D pad working on MAME 0.182 core on RetroArch, just do the following: Just go to input, then bindings and replace the current analog up,down,left and right settings for player 1 and change to D pad up,down,left and right then just exit RetroArch as usual (ensure save on exit is enabled). Leave D Pad settings as they are currently. Now both analog and D pad work for MAME, tried playing puckman and Raiden and a few others and all work fine. Hope this helps
  7. Still no luck , maybe it's because I have latest 2017 version of Nvidia shield Tv on another note, I seem to have D pad working on MAME 0.182 core on RA Just go to bindings and change analog settings for player 1 to D pad and exit as usual. now both analog and D pad work for MAME, tried puckman and Raiden and both work fine.
  8. i just used the bally astrocade romset I have working on my pc version of Hyperspin What romset should I look for to get it to work on mame core for RetroArch NVS I have MAME 0.182 romset + chd's and that works fine with RetroArch, I just wanted to see if other systems like Bally Astrocade would work too
  9. Hi, Still not working. I have all folders as you have stated and pointed RetroArch system/bios to this folder In bios what files go in there ? for example Bally Astrocade. I thought astrocde bios went in with the roms ? I have put it in bios and roms folders
  10. Hi, Just tried this and no luck, says retroarch has stopped every time it tries to load - Bally Astrocade using mame core on Retroarch on new NVS 2017 version Is this correct or should I use mess2014 core ? Maybe put your settings info here so we can check against it ? Thanks
  11. Mame help for shield tv

    @THATMAN84 Finally got it working, thanks for all your help. I uninstalled RetroArch completely from NVS and re-installed with todays latest nightly version of RetroArch, pointed to system directory and now all bezels are showing Is there a way to point MAME4DROID to this same folder of artwork or does that need to stay on the internal drive on NVS ? Only reason is because I only have 16gb version and have no space left, artwork is over 7gb Thanks again
  12. Mame help for shield tv

    This is my setup: MAME 0.182 ROMSET + CHDS located on 3tb external hard drive : H:/Hyperspin/Emulators/MAME/roms Artwork now located on external hard drive : Android\data\com.retroarch\files\system\mame\Artwork (I have used the mame folder Badheim posted) Also tried putting it on internal drive : Internal shared storage\RetroArch\System\mame\Artwork Also tried putting artwork in : H:/Hyperspin/Emulators/MAME/artwork Settings for MAME are pointing to : H:/Hyperspin/Emulators/MAME/roms I have gone into RetroArch and to quick menu, then turned on read and write options and then saved. Both systems for MAME on RetroArch and MAME4DROID work perfectly on NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2017 version on Hyperspin Bezels work perfectly on MAME4DROID for MAME Bezels are correct as they work on MAME4DROID and PC version of MAME Only thing NOT working are the bezels on RetroArch for MAME 0.182 using MAME core. The games play fine, just no bezel when game starts Thanks