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  1. Is it possible to Show boxart above theme in Hyperspin ? Many thanks in advance for any information
  2. MAME Retroarch core down - 0.193 NVidia Shield TV

    Just tested MAME core 0.193 on NVS and all seems to be working again
  3. ScummVM on Shield TV

    Hi, Looks good, is this from a zipped file or folder ? Thanks ps, do you have settings file to share ?
  4. MAME Retroarch core down - 0.193 NVidia Shield TV

    Just checked and someone has already, 2 weeks ago !! Still not fixed Is there anyway to get it back to 0.192 on NVS ? Thanks
  5. Hi, Has anyone else got this issue ? Worked fine on 0.192, but since updated core on NVS to 0.193, MAME no longer works.
  6. How do I Add-Play Films ?

    Hi, To setup a movies wheel just go to RocketLauncher and setup a "Movies" wheel. Make sure you have setup VLC player as an emulator in RL first and use VLC.ahk as the module (ensure it has "Movies" as a system name in the module) Then just create a database like any other system with your movie titles and add media, wheels etc as usual. Good luck
  7. Game screen won't fit bezel

    or even better, why not ditch the bezel and play full screen in RetroArch ? If you want to use a bezel, I have found that if you ensure bezels are enabled, just try to switch to next bezel using your controller (mine is set to right shoulder) even if no other bezels exist, and it usually centers it for you.

    Looks promising. I know it’s early , but are there any settings to get this running in hyperspin on NVS yet ? thanks
  9. Sega Saturn (Japan) Main Theme

    Just go to HyperHQ and wheel settings, wheel and then move slider all the way to the right. This will show wheels fully, or adjust accordingly to your taste.
  10. FYI, just tried this core on Nvidia shield tv for Atari5200 and it does not work
  11. will check it out, thanks
  12. Hi, Looks good, do your have settings for 8bit core ? Thanks
  13. Rocketlauncher doesnt recognizes roms inside folder

    Hi, Sounds like you are missing the rom extension, maybe they are 7z ?
  14. MAME Software List Renaming Project

    Thanks Thatman84, sent request to EmuMovies and can now see files. Thanks again