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  1. New Website - What Works and What Doesn't

    I clicked on Activity tab but no Downloads option there. All I see is "All Activity, My Activity Stream, Unread Content, and Content I Started". Where can I find Downloads Activity?
  2. New Website - What Works and What Doesn't

    Is there anyway to show new uploads during the last 24 hours or last 7 days? I've looked at the Downloads tab and there's a What's New section but I cannot scroll pass the 10 items or so.
  3. My Emumovies projects

    Thank you for your hard work Damned. Can I please have the link to your GDrive? Thanks bro!
  4. Hi guys. I saw on youtube that some guy is using system default themes that has the cart drop down onto the system and cd spinning in the system. I looked in the download section and ftp but couldn't find those themes. Anyone know where I can get them? Thanks a lot.