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  1. paco8998

    Letter Jump

    Hi again and thx for help me. I was looking at what you told me in the navigation themes and I did not find any errors, I just have to show me the roms I have, not all the games in the XML file. I also checked that the rom of the first letter was there. In the atari 2600 XML file that sends you the number that does not appear is the 3, I have the same problem in all the systems that I have added in hyperspin, only the first of the numbers is shown in the letter jump, then none more, with the letters there is no problem and it works perfectly, it is with the numbers the error. I do not know if this happens to me since I updated hyperspin to the latest version or if it's an error that I've always had but now it's when I've noticed. It's not that the problem is very important but I like to have everything perfect and now I'm going crazy haahaahaa.
  2. paco8998

    Letter Jump

    Hello, I have a problem and I would like to know if someone else has the same problem and if it has been solved. If I keep pressing right or left direction a few seconds I see the letter jump, and everything works fine except the numbers (which only appears first). I have tried in HyperHQ in navigation themes to activate the option 'use XML indexes' but then everything gets out of control. The problem I only have with the numbers because with the letters everything works perfectly.
  3. 85 downloads

    Letter Pack for ATARI 7800, enjoy it
  4. 61 downloads

    Letter Pack for ATARI 5200, enoy it
  5. 71 downloads

    Letter Pack for ATARI 2600, enjoy it
  6. 177 downloads

    Centipede Game Theme., If You Like My Themes Click Mushroom, Thank You Available on HyperSync
  7. haaha Next will be Resident Evil 4 Disc 1 and 2 (Gamecube)
  8. Making a complete set of themes for Gamecube can be a good challenge, and I'll think about it.
  9. Hi, I created 102 Gamecube themes in 16:9, now I will start to create for Playstation 2 in 16:9 too, If you do new section for that will be wellcome
  10. 68 downloads

    System Theme and System Wheel for Playstation 2. The background have movement. Enjoy it.
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