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  1. Just venting a rant

    When you installed windows did you have multiple harddrives connected?
  2. Just venting a rant

    just stick the harddrive in a harddrive dock and see if it picks it up on another computer... as then it won't try and boot, if you don't have one go to MSY and get a cheap one for like $20.
  3. size of hard drive req

    @Bungles MSY is doing 10tb hdds for $512 which is cheap from what i paid for them. The complete hyperspin set ive got which is the same as @ci2own great work takes 20tb extracted and just under 10tb zipped. Note this is just roms no media.
  4. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Merry Christmas mate!
  5. Vewlix Cabinet

    Been a bit busy the last 2 weeks so I haven't had any time for the cabinet but today I fixed up gaps, covered screw holes and added threaded inserts to the wood so the control panel can be screwed into it without constantly screwing into the MDF which will loosen the holes not good! Also I'll be using the white brackets so that I can face the control panel upwards so I can move this through my doors and traveling and finally I got the rest of the base covered with vinyl!
  6. Vewlix Cabinet

    So I worked on the base this weekend and its about half complete now... Just got some touching up to do on the base then i'll connect the sides. Didn't realise how much work this would be
  7. Vewlix Cabinet

    Cheers. I'm from Melbourne Australia so maybe when its done will have some drinks and some arcade fun Cheers, I have to do a lot of double checking as I'm making the measurements as I go.
  8. Vewlix Cabinet

    Just finished all the cuts for the top of the base.
  9. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    I wouldn't know...I'm too cheap and don't play enough, so I just have a t80...no shifter. I'm sure you could build a step in the platform or a shelf in the side to get the shifter where you're used to it. I used to have a Driving Force Pro, which had the shifter attached to the wheel housing, and it never really bothered me. Yeah im going to integrate something into the cab im building
  10. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    Does it feel strange that the shifter is higher?
  11. Vewlix Cabinet

    Yeah I'll be covering the entire thing with it. Got it off ebay buy two rolls get one free. Cost AUD $86.94 includes $34.98 AUD shipping. Matte black vinyl wrap: 6000 mm x 1520 mm (free) Matte white vinyl wrap: 3000 mm x 1520 mm
  12. Vewlix Cabinet

    its matte black vinyl wrap note: no net curtains
  13. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    Is this sturdy like when you're turning the wheel or using the shifter?
  14. Vewlix Cabinet

    Another tiny update only connected the wheels and black vinyl.
  15. Vewlix Cabinet

    yeah I think it is time to upgrade