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  1. Phillips cdi

    I to am very interested in getting the CDI running on the shield. I have been able to get to the blue cdi loading screen with the mame core but have no way to start the game, also tried mouse and keyboard but no go
  2. Philips CDI

    Does anyone have this running on the shield? im using the Mame core in retroarch and I'm able to past the blue screen and right up to the Philips loading screen where you have to click on "play CD-I" but that's it. From there the controller doesn't seem to work so I hooked up a mouse and keyboard, though I see the mouse cursor on the screen it won't work to start the game. If anyone has any info on getting passed this it would be awesome
  3. My install hang ups/ questions

    Leave yor Mame roms zipped all in one folder
  4. rambo32

  5. pinball

    Sweet, I had no idea. Any chance you can share your hyperspin setting files for these?
  6. Android User Head Count

    Same issue with Pico, they load but no controls. The one I would love to configure controls in is intellivision, I think it can be done but I haven't really spent the time, if anyone knows of a tutorial it would be great
  7. Android User Head Count

    Agreed with sanchezmike01, just tried Odyssey again and the games load fine. Most games im stuck at the start game screen but odd game like killer bees I can get into game play, controls still seem not to work though
  8. Android User Head Count

    You are absolutely correct sanchezmike01, I accidentally uploaded my PC database rather than my Shield's, correct database is below Main Menu.xml
  9. Android User Head Count

    Pretty sure it was working last I tried but I think the controlles were messed, will try in a bit and confirm
  10. Android User Head Count

    Yes this database is from my shield. Attached is my settings files for anyone who may be interested in some of these wheels, for all the info I have received on these forums I feel it's my time to start giving back Settings.zip
  11. Android User Head Count

    Nothing really that has not been covered in these forums, attached is a copy of my main menu XML. Only one or two of my Nintedo64DD work, i think it's a rom issue, same goes for Dreamcast indies. Neogeo CHD's work great but i was never able to get CDI running on my shield, no issues at all running it on my PC Main Menu.xml
  12. That did it, thank you sir!
  13. Thanks Pouteur for you hard work on this as well as your amiga set up. I have been able to everything up and running with CPC with the exception of it booting through hyperspin, looking forward to hearing about your results
  14. Android User Head Count

    Always watching what's happening, up to 116 wheels and counting. Very exciting to see some new developments, big thanks to everyone involved
  15. Neo Geo CD games

    had a look and i cant find the settings for, enable soflist, media type, and boot from cli, where do i find these settings in retroarch?