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  1. I too am also interested in this pack, I also use an shield with internal 500 gig drive, any direction would be awesome
  2. I too would be very interested in the files to get this up and running
  3. I did not enable in game mouse or touch the mouse index, I just went to the mouse bindings and set up my 360 controller so I can use it rather than the mouse. I have attached a few pics so you can see what I did. Now not sure why but when I get to the boot screen I actually have to touch my shield remote before my 360 controller will work. I can confirm that Hotel Mario, Zelda the Wand of Gamalon, and Zelda the faces of evil seem to work great, Zelda's adventure boots and goes through the cut scenes but crashes once I get in game. Hoping to test more tonight
  4. Not sure all steps are necessary but I loaded up a Atari5200 rom and then went into the RetroArch settings, I did this by holding select and the Y button on my 360 controller From there I went into both general input and input this machine and configured the mouse in both, after that all was good
  5. Don’t know if anyone cares but finally have CDI up and running through hyper spin on the shield
  6. I to am very interested in getting the CDI running on the shield. I have been able to get to the blue cdi loading screen with the mame core but have no way to start the game, also tried mouse and keyboard but no go
  7. Does anyone have this running on the shield? im using the Mame core in retroarch and I'm able to past the blue screen and right up to the Philips loading screen where you have to click on "play CD-I" but that's it. From there the controller doesn't seem to work so I hooked up a mouse and keyboard, though I see the mouse cursor on the screen it won't work to start the game. If anyone has any info on getting passed this it would be awesome
  8. Leave yor Mame roms zipped all in one folder
  9. rambo32


  10. Sweet, I had no idea. Any chance you can share your hyperspin setting files for these?
  11. Same issue with Pico, they load but no controls. The one I would love to configure controls in is intellivision, I think it can be done but I haven't really spent the time, if anyone knows of a tutorial it would be great
  12. Agreed with sanchezmike01, just tried Odyssey again and the games load fine. Most games im stuck at the start game screen but odd game like killer bees I can get into game play, controls still seem not to work though
  13. You are absolutely correct sanchezmike01, I accidentally uploaded my PC database rather than my Shield's, correct database is below Main Menu.xml
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