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  1. Great news, these mame systems can be challenging.Update to my posts earlier, i do now have RCA studio 2 and Bandai 8000 running, just a bit if tinkering
  2. Sorry but thatman84 pretty has it covered, can really add anymore
  3. So finally had a chance to have a look. All my roms are zipped up in a folder named “astrocde” in my system folder in retro arch, if I unzip the roms they are in bin format. In my bios directory I have both an astrocde.zip and a astro.bin, not sure which one actually does the trick but I can confirm Astrocade is up and running on the shield tv. After trying some of these old systems out today it seems as if something has changed with the controller support, buttons no longer seem to be configured correctly
  4. I will get that information for you shortly. I have most of these old ones setup and just trying for the first time today RCA Studios 2 and Bandai 8000, so far I haven’t had any success
  5. Well deserved, I always look forward to your posts. Can’t wait so see what you do with Ransoms HDF files, you guys have put in a hell of a lot of work already, can’t wait to see the results
  6. Well really appreciate all your efforts with Amiga and In general on this forums, I take a look daily. I am super impressed with what Freelancer is doing but I still have not made the jump, Im still an old school hyperspin guy
  7. Sweet, thank you!! Will give it a whirl
  8. Works absolutely great with dolphin on the shield tv. You must make sure however that you have a true Nintendo brand Wii remote as the knock offs don’t work, took me forever to figure that out
  9. I have a pretty good collection of amiga and amiga CD running with hyperspin but had no idea CDTV was possible on the shield, awesome info, thank you!!
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