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Pinball Madness


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So I'm finally going to build myself a Vpin, I know some of the purist are going to be upset that i'm going to use this classic machine to do it with.

I picked it for 150 bucks in the summer, it has been well used and dont really wanna put the time and effort in restoring it for one game and i have limited space

I already did a restoration in the summer and it was fun learned a lot, you can see some of it here http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/9054-to-gut-or-not-to-gut-that-is-the-question/page-2

old Harlem globetrotters seen its days but i'm giving it new life 







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It's not that great of a pin anyway. If you sell the playfield and stuff I am sure you can be forgiven. Look forward to your build I plan on making one at some point, the machine I bought I ended up fixing and really enjoy. I passed on a broken one of these globetrotter as it went for 1000 so your 150 seems like a steal. Good luck and keep posting progress! Thanks

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That's probably what's going to happen

That is why I want to build the table box my self that way it can be built around the screen to that size. Not that what you are doing is bad I know it just some customizing based on the build logs I read. 39" decased sticks out in my mind or 40". Not sure what model to choose hopefully something that turns on with power applied.

I know most tvs can be turned on via a signal over the hdmi cable too my xbone does that. Tossing out ideas. Cant wait to see more!

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Completely striped, sanded and filled
picked up a 40" at wally world for 397 bucks, it fits like it was made for it just have to remove the remote sensor
did some more metal work, coin door had some major dents from some one trying to break into it, i hammered most of them out







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