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Do I need 2 coin buttons???


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So I've seen various mentions of the need or lack of 2 coin buttons in other threads, but havent yet found a definitive answer...


I was initially going to have 2 and a P1/P2 button and that is it, and use those buttons in combination for exit/pause


BUT after setting up things I think I'm going to add an Exit and a Pause button separately as can see them being used a lot... but now i'm wondering if I need 2 coin buttons?



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If you are building a two player cabinet you should go with 2 coin buttons.

But even if you are using gamepads I would add a coin button to the player 2 gamepad.


I'm of the view the less shortcuts/hotkeys the better to reduce confusion especially if you are having friends around that don't know who things are setup.


On my bartop I have player 1 and 2 buttons with a matching coin button for each. I also have an exit and pause button. 

You could always configure mame to insert a coin for both players.... but i dont like this option.


Maybe give some more details on your setup?

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Yeah, should have been a bit clearer. I'm building a 2p cab.


I want at least 1 coin button for sure and as I say, was originally going to have two... seems that plenty of actual cabs only have one coin slot tho, so figure there may not be that many occasions when having 2 is useful? Or am i totally wrong here?

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A lot of the newer games 90's and onwards only had one coin slot but plenty of 80's cabs had two.

Now you can always draft up a list of your favourite, then take a look at which require one or two coin slots.

If you take the time you could always check out a particular games dip switch menu and see if it can be reconfigured from coin slot two to coin slot one.

If plenty of your favourites require that second coin button that can't be reconfigured through dip switches I would stick with two buttons.

The last option as mentioned is two configure player one and 2 coin to the one button. Eg you press one button and two coins go in. But I don't like this option.

Hope this makes sense as my head is spinning ;)

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