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Has anyone had experience with the Vizio units?


Specifically looking at:

VIZIO M43-C1 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2015 Model)



1) I assume this would fit in a wide body cab without issue?  Dimensions of TV are 37.9" x 21.8" x 2.4"

2) Does anyone know if these can be decased?

3) Does it matter if the input is HDMI vs Computer input???


I don't mind spending a little more for better components thus open to other suggestions for best monitor for a widebody. 


Any suggestions and help is appreciated!



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I just bought a  Vizio E43 -C2 mainly for the price $300 and refresh rate which was 120mhz! I myself really couldn't see spending the extra money for the 4k!! I sure thought about it though believe me!! The 1080p plus the high end graphics card im going to use will be plenty!!! I'm spending enough on this beast as it is!!!! Personally I would use the HDMI hookup for the playfield and use computer input for the backglass monitor!!  Anything can be decased but it depends on if its worth it to gain the space you need vs just routing out the extra room from the sides with a router!! My widebody inside dimensions are about 23 1/2 inches so im pretty sure mine will fit!!  Good luck to you!!

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Be aware that the 120hz isn't the same as a pc monitor. You won't use that with a pc. It's onboard processing that you won't use (it's the soap opera effect). Your only going to really be 60hz. Great price though.

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also, the Vizio's that ive tried DONT remember the power setting once power is pulled, (which means you need a remote to turn on the TV everytime you boot it up) and also the 3 screens will sometimes re configure when one goes missing.


insignia,toshiba,samsung and sony usually all remember the power state.

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