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My First Cabinet, A small Arcade/Pinball Machine with a 27 inch Monitor


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Hello all I’m Chris

I'm really not one for posting on forums but wanted to show what the HyperSpin program has made me do

Well about November last year I thought I have to sort out my all my arcade ROMs from years ago they have just been lying about on my D: Drive when one day I came across HyperSpin and thought this would be awesome to setup and organize all my emulators at same time.

I knew I always wanted an Arcade Machine so about 6 months ago I came up with a basic design and started to build it and I had no idea how I was going to mount the monitor, I got a cheap X-Arcade from think geek but plan to modify it and one day in the future after everything is done just build one myself and drop it in.

The biggest problem was the space I only had a limited amount of space so I had to keep it small, but at the same time I wanted a pinball cabinet too so I wanted the monitor to lie down like a pinball table, but I love all games so I wanted it to have light guns as well so it had to be able to be straight on and higher.

Also wanted it to go a little lower and on an angle for says street fighter or mortal kombat games, but still be able to keep it up high enough to rotate the screen for games like Twin Cobra, Donkey Kong or 1943.

The answer came easy but at a cost $300AU, I found in February this year the monitor arm Atdec Levitate was released and did everything I needed it to with a 27 inch monitor.

Atdec Levitate I got it off eBay for $180AU in March.

So the fun begins with all the fun of configuring HyperSpin and HyperPin.

I have setup 22 console/arcade and the PC Launcher in Main menu wheel and also managed to setup a Music Video menu with 40 songs atm and one playlist setup to play all though VLC, it also use’s those Music Videos as the preview in HyperSpin for the song you can play.

Last menu I setup was just to boot the HyperPin.exe and once it starts loading I can easily spin the monitor 90 degrees, sit on a bar stool and start playing VP and FP pinball tables or spin it and lie the monitor down and play like pinball table standing up.

I've also setup was for a wireless Xbox controllers so if I have a couple of extra people over we can just start the controller and they can add coins and join into 4 player The Simpsons, TMNT or Alternatively I can start up Guitar Hero with a couple of wireless guitars that hang off the back of my arcade.

Lastly I know it’s not the most ideal or traditional way to have an arcade machine or pinball machine but it doesn’t take up to much space for me and does everything I could possibly want for a small cabinet.

It’s still not finished I have some ideas for the covering of the machine and some trims around certain parts and the doors. Very possibly a digital plunger once I have some spare cash, really just heaps of little things.

Cabinet Size: W582mm x D506mm x H950mm

Using my old PC with a few small upgrades

My Old spec’s PC:

Windows 7 64-bit

Intel Core2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHz

8GB Ram

Nvidia Geforce GTX650 1GB

All up it has me cost about: $1000, a old PC with some upgrades and a $#!T load of time but well worth it

I’ll update this when I get more done and when i find the eariler photos i had.

Special Thanks to the Awesome HyperSpin and HyperPin Teams.













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Here is a break down of what i spent the money on parts, monitor was the most expensive good viewing angle except when you look from the bottom upwards.

and the old PC i was using needed a few upgrades, so glad i built it finally can't wait to finish it off hopefully before Chrismas.





Viewsonic 27" VA2703-LED BLACK


Wireless Card


Draw Runners


Small Keyboard


USB Wireless Xbox Receiver


Monitor Mount






Wireless Xbox controllers x 2


Total $906

Original design picture and what i would like to be when finished



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