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help required - DMD setup on vertical 16x9 LCD backglass


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Hi - I need some assistance,

I notice a few of the cabinets in this forum have used a 16x9 LCD as the back glass and have it rotated vertically displaying a huge DMD at the bottom and the trans lite above. I really like this.

what settings and screen resolutions are people using to achieve this. My current setup has a small DMD overlayed over the back glass.

I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering how to do this.

Any help would be appreciated.

from Michael

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Hi BadBoyBill,

as requested here are some pics, and info about my setup

My current setup uses one computer and two screens and is used as both a home office computer and for visual pinball. The current design uses my office desk to hold the hardware and the pin is played sitting down. The wife and kids love this setup.

The setup consists of a 19" widescreen LCD mounted vertically to display the backglass and the DMD. Still experimenting with it - my current config isn't using the whole lcd - but that may change. A full 1080P 24" widescreen LCD is used as the playfield. I have mounted it at the lowest angle that I could so I can see the playfield whilst sitting at the desk.

In office mode the 24" lcd is used horizontally and as a full screen playfield in pinball mode. The 19" lcd is permanently mounted vertically and is currently only used in pinball mode.

I have made a mockup of the control panel out of cardboard, utilizing arcade buttons and a keyboard hack. I intend to make this out of wood at a later time.

On the back of the playfield monitor is a sloped mount I made out of timber to lay the screen down at a nice angle on the desk. Currently the OEM mount is still attached for use in horizontal mode - I intend to remove the OEM mount and modify the wooden mount so that it allows the screen to be mounted either way.

I also intend to add nudge sensors- I have purchased 3 mercury switches as suggested in another post.

Not really sure where this project will go yet - I'm currently thinking of making a backbox to go around the backglass monitor and a small cabinet that the playfield LCD will sit in the desk. It will have to be a setup that allows the playfield LCD to be moved from the pin to office use with little fuss.

With the screens set to 1920x1080 (playfield) and 1440x900 (backglass) I have set the DMD settings as follows in the table scripts so all tables display the DMD in the same position with the same size

With Controller

.GameName = cGameName

'16:9 rotated






( ... rest of controller script)

from Michael



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Ahhh - cool!

You are 2 steps ahead of me.

Recent pics attached. Arcade buttons, ipac and uhid g are in the mail somewhere in transit, and then I plan to do a similar build with a fixed backglass monitor (17") and a 23" that doubles as my laptop monitor. I might end up buying one permanent if the kids and wife start to play it regularly too.

Will make a real posting in the cabinet forum once I've got the pieces together




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after messing around with the scripts on a few tables I found it much easier to enter my settings straight into the registry using regedit. Be warned regedit changes the values in real time - therefore backup your registry so you can restore it before you change anything.

First - run visual pinball and setup a DMD how you wish it to be displayed - Then run regedit to view the settings of this table. (note: if you wish to rotate the DMD you will either have to change the ROL (rotate the DMD left) or ROR (rotate the DMD right) setting in the script or in the registry.

These are the key addresses for vista (not sure if its the same for xp)

goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame

in this area you will see the names of the roms of tables you have already played.

select the rom you wish to edit (in the example below I am using Lord of the rings which uses ROM LOTR)

therefore goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\LOTR

look at the DMD settings (details later in the post) and then place the same settings into the other tables rom you wish to modify

These are the settings I'm using on all my 90s (DMD) games with a playfield set @ 1920*1080 + the backglass set @ 1440x900 (both screens in vertical mode).

Non 90s games (eg system 11) will require different settings - which I haven't looked at yet.

dmd_doublesize =0

dmd_pos_x = 2720

dmd_pos_y = 0

dmd_width = 225

dmd_width = 900

rol = 1

ror = 0

This will place the DMD approx 3/4 down the top monitor below the backglass, occupies the whole width of the screen. Note: my setup doesn't use the whole monitor so it may not appeal to everyone - but I like it. - if anyone comes up with different settings then feel free to post them

from Michael

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