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55" playfield too big?


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Hi Guys

Looking for some guidance.

I'm tossing up between these 2 monitors for a custom built virtual pinball cabinet.



One is a 46" frameless that is 61.6cm wide, which should fit in a standard bally wide body cab (63cm) using a routed slot, without even decasing it.

The other is a 55" frameless with a 70.2cm width, so the cabinet would need to be larger than standard. No problem, but I'm wondering if it would actually be too big to play comfortably on. I guess the cab would be roughly 72cm wide if I slot it in without decasing it.

What I like about the 55" is that it has a Samsung panel, is brighter, and says it does 120Hz at 1080p when connected to a PC.

Is a 55" too big? Has anyone tried?

I don't mind getting a custom lock bar made. I just want to know if it's too big to play comfortably.

The place I'm looking to buy from has free postage for the next 5 or so hours, so am looking to pull the trigger.

Thanks for the feedback

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