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Who use Ultimarc Ultimate board?


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I want to know if you go with default Mame settings or set your own key codes

I am little confuse here because I checked the board setting for P1 SW1,2,3 are set to tab and space bar as per mame default setting.

Example Street fighter in mame we uses all six buttons for both P1 and P2, therefore

I am confused how will street fighter run if uses default mame keys and if first three buttons are set like that.

What do you use for your settings please share your ideas. Thanks

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Default MAME doesn't necessarily work well with all other emus. Especially PC games.

I've had to change it or adjust it a few times until it worked with everything.

I also keep button 6 for each player set to shift (LShift for p1 and RShift for P2) because several PC games either needed a shift button or didn't allow shift to be remapped in the settings.

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