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wip cab


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Are those 2 lower buttons on the P1 side for the trackball? They seem like they would really be in the way when you're playing a game?

Your Japanese cab style 8 button fan looks comfortable similar to how I'm going to rebuild my CP. And it's interesting that you put buttons on the actual screen border... don't think I've seen that before.

The 2 buttons below the P1 button look out of place to me though and the sharp metal corners look deadly. I also prefer tinted glass and the screen recessed 2-4 inches back on cabs, but that's all just style & presentation preference.

Looking good.

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yes they r for the track ball but they don't get in the way I thought that to but there ok there. and for the corners iv put protecters on now mate.and the buttons on the screen border are for pause, exit, hyperpause, mame config and enter.

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