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Worklog: Custom Vewlix - My first build

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Sorry for people asked me by mp but i didn't read it.

manicshere do you have finish the vewlix replica?


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    • By Rafael1987
      hi guys i live in Brazil , this very hard to find vewlix arcade projects , I want a project with plan for cnc in corel draw .dxf into vectors , can someone please help me...
    • By ggood82
      Hi All 
      I have been lurking on these forums for a few months trying to get my head around Hyperspin with varying degrees of success and then more failure however i have put that on the back burner for a while whilst i build my 32 inch vewlix clone provided from Troy at Arcadeworx ( Perth , Australia).
      Just a quick background with regards to the machine build is as follows .
      I was searching the internet for plans to build a cabinet to house a PC running  Hyperspin and an Xbox 360 running RGH so i can copy all my current games onto it .
      Whilst i was doing this i found Arcadeworx and after some searching of their designs i decided to buy it and get the ball rolling .
      The price for the cabinet was approx $600 Australian dollars plus $ 100 delivery to Sydney which i had no issue with .
      I should have stopped there however i spent another 20 minutes looking through the internet and found a Vewlix machine machine ( 32 inch 2 player ) about 2 hours from me that a guy wanted $700 for , The Machine has a 600 in one jamma board installed which is nice but misses out on all the Mortal kombat games which is extremely dissapointing 
      A decision was made that i should buy it and suffer my Wife's drama after , she was actually pretty happy with it once i got it home and even played street fighter 2 for an hour hahaha.
      In an ideal world i will build the MDF clone and sell the Vewlix at the end to recoup some costs however my 9 yr old does enjoy playing so i may keep both .
      I have put together the arcade cabinet now which took about an hour and i will keep you all updated on the build as it progresses .
      thanks all 

    • By son01420309
      hi guys 
      iam korea gamer 
      my hyperspin cabinnet by vewlix 
      see you
    • By tonberryhunter
      Well I have been reluctant to share my work on here since I find forums to be hyper critical but I figure its about time I show this thing off. I started this project last Feb. and am nearing completion. I wanted to build something unique but still very Japanese and also practical. It comes apart into two pieces at the base of the screen. I designed the thing in Adobe Illustrator working to scale. I'm still debating on what color to paint it. I really like the way it looks with white primer but a semi gloss epoxy paint coating would be nice as well. Let me know what you guys think. The latest thing I worked out was the backlit custom marquee at the top. Making the sticker mask and painting that was way more work than I wanted it to be.

    • By SORHP
      Here is the beginning of the construction of my other cab, this is the second of 2 custom vewlix cabs based off of the Kraylix and Donnovan Myers Vewlix cabs
      Kray is building the Control Panels for both cabs and should be done in about 3 weeks...
      here is the link to the vert slim 1 player build

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