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  1. That was it. It solved the problem. If your doing a fresh install, your screwed unless you know to manually re-route the Hyperlaunch folder location. I don't recall this being an issue with previous versions.
  2. Same thing with me. Can launch games from RocketLauncherUI all day, the moment I try to launch games through Hyperspin, no go. It does absolutely nothing, not even an error message. Did RocketLauncher update and screw with the settings.ini ?
  3. I have that identical pedestal design. I love it. Do you happen to have the template design for the sides of the pedestal? I want to change out my artwork. Would love to just create my own artwork on photoshop and have a local business print it for me. Just don't have the template.
  4. Retroarch does not offer nullDc support which in my opinion has the best compatibility. I've tried both and went back to nullDc.
  5. That 95GB torrent is very old. I'm thinking like over three years old. There has been many advancements since so using that would be a step in the wrong direction. It's full of the old .FLV video format as well.
  6. Love the loading music for launching games but it's a bit much when it keeps playing while the game is up and running. This only started since updating to
  7. Where did the upload here folder go in FTP?
  8. Where is his folder in FTP? I can't find it. Actually, where is everybody's personal folders?
  9. Why is this so difficult to find? All the mega links are no good.
  10. I couldn't stand Mednafen years back when I first started. It was way complex and then the Mednafen gui released which made things slightly easier. Including Mednafen in Retroarch was the icing on the cake.
  11. Has anybody found a way to run xebra fullscreen 1080p? Another problem I'm running into is that the xebra requires the .BIN file instead of the .CUE file which then for most games I don't get audio. I have found Mednafen in Retroarch has the best compatibility.
  12. My thought exactly. When modules where released it went crazy in here. Going to be interesting around here when GameEx Evolution is released since the beta build just got released to assigned users. I see alot of Hyperspin features in GameEx Evolution plus many more not to mention the RocketLauncher support.
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