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  1. Most videos play in their menus but my entire Wii menu does not have any sound except for one game. All videos are formatted in MP4 format. I compared all the videos to the one that works and they are the same codec. Another funny note is that the videos play fine with sound outside of Hyperspin. It is only in Hyperspin I lose the audio. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Converting file to FLV works. Everything else works in MP4 format. Downloaded Wii set from EmuMovies. What is going on with MP4's and Hyperspin?
  2. That was it. It solved the problem. If your doing a fresh install, your screwed unless you know to manually re-route the Hyperlaunch folder location. I don't recall this being an issue with previous versions.
  3. Same thing with me. Can launch games from RocketLauncherUI all day, the moment I try to launch games through Hyperspin, no go. It does absolutely nothing, not even an error message. Did RocketLauncher update and screw with the settings.ini ?
  4. Hey Moto X, I live in the valley and was wondering if you have a hyperspin setup?



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