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Motion plunger board disconnects automatically


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I have a problem with my motion plunger kit:

It disconnects automatically after a few seconds ( sometimes more, sometimes less),

When I am playing a table.

First I thought, it is related to my opto board, because happened the first time, after i installed my opto board.

But now I putted my opto board away, and have still the same problem: motion plunger board disconnects automatically. I have to plug the USB port out and in, and then it works again. For a short while.

Can anybody help me?

Any idea?



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I tried different sockets, USB2.0, USB3.0, Front, Back, and on the separate RocketfishUSB Card, where my pindmd is connected. Everywhere the same.

I will also try a powered USB Hub, but I am afraid, this is not the problem, because it worked for many weeks without this problem..

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