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7 button control panel button assignment


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Is that a question?

Where are the buttons located? On a 6 button layout you have three top and three below and then for the 7 and 8 button layout you have choices. Most people put the 7 and 8 button bottom left as thumb buttons. I'm going for the 8 button 4 top 4 bottom curved Japanese layout as I printed out my fav layouts and tested how they felt then looked at the games I liked playing and realised this layout worked best for me.


How you assign keys depends on game play.

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If the top left is not included then the bottom right is a thumb button for that layout albeit an uncomfortable one. :) therefore that would most likely end up as 7 but you have to think about comfort with gameplay.


If you look at the posts in that topic you will see this picture


For many people that would be comfortable but it depends on the game. You can configure keys individually for every single game you play as well. The most important thing isn't assigning the keys but deciding on how you will use those keys to play the games.

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