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Pinball FX2 now working with DMD support.


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That's right folks. With an update from Steam you can now move your DMD to your third screen. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Here's how you do it. Youn numbers may be different than mine depending on your screen resolution and if you're using a 2 or 3 screen cabinet.

First in the PFX2 settings menu change the DMD size setting to OFF

Then do this





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Shut the front door! I was hoping for something like this as I have most of their tables.


So I assume I create a config file with the following or similar entries. Are there spaces between the = symbol and the surrounding characters?

x = 3886

y = 202

height = 426

width = 917






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I believe it currently only works with LCDs. However, Zen have had a PinDMD2 in house for quite a while, so I'm still holding out hope that we'll see support for real DMDs eventually. I have placed an inquiry with one of my contacts at Zen about it. Will update when he replies.

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