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2p cab with Ipac. What buttons do I realistically need


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Hey. Just planning out my first 2 player panel for my first cab.

It's going to be running off an ipac2 and I was just trying to make sure I don't miss out any essential controls.

Up to now I have..

Mame controls

6 buttons x2

Joystick x2

1/2 player start

1/2 coin




Should I look to set up keys with shift etc for stuff like Tab in Mame. Or genres/fave games in Hyperspin or am I over complicating it?

What do you guys do?

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Personally i dont like too many buttons.

You dont need a start and a coin as you will have an ipac which can do "shift" features on the buttons.

I would have:

8 buttons x 2 - but 6 if only using mame - if you want PSX then 8


P1 P2

That is all i would have.

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I don't like a lot of buttons, but I also wanted anyone to be able to come up to my cabs and play them without having to know shift keys, etc. Otherwise they have to come get me if I am having people over, or they just get discouraged and don't play. This is of course if I am not there with them. I have a row on mine with:

Enter Esc Pause Tab Genre Fav

One cab I have fav, one i don't. Here are a couple pics. Ignore the dust on them, pics were taken during the build process.



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