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UK supplier for acrylic


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I am getting back on to the construction side of my cabinet project http://bubbob.retro.me.uk/ after many months of playing and configuring.

My next step is to get some artwork on my CP which isn't going to be straight forward as I have a removable/modular CP so it needs to be thought through and then protect it with some acrylic or lexan.

A quick search on the internet brings up loads of results for UK online suppliers of acrylic sheets, I was just wondering if anyone would recommend any and their products or are they all very similar?

Also I am using 3/4" mdf on my CP and would ideally like the thinnest layer of acrylic I can get away with. I have seen other posts suggest between 3mm and 5mm is 3mm the minimum that should be used?

Thank you

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