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HyperLaunch 2 Module Missing Nintendo 64 .ahk File!

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Good afternoon everyone,

First and foremost, thank you for helping me with my issue. I have found the forums to be informative and user friendly. This is my first attempt with setting up HyperSpin and boy is there a lot to learn about configuring the system to work properly.  In any event, after a few weeks of working on HyperSpin, I have successfully renamed all of my files with Don's Hypertools, created a customized Main Menu.ini, System.ini, and other various files which needed to be edited in order for HyperSpin to work correctly.

My end goal is to have a working set for both Windows and Android systems. I have tested various platforms like Mame, Sony PlayStation, Sega Genesis, and Sega Master System which are working correctly. The only platform I am running into an issue is the Nintendo 64 system. When I try to launch any games for this particular platform, I receive the following error code:

Cannot find: C:\Users\Mike D\Desktop\HyperSpin Test Environment\Modules\Nintendo 64\Nintendo 64.ahk
You do not have a HyperLaunch 2 module for Nintendo 64. Please create one or check HyperList.

I have researched this issue thru the forums in order to rectify it myself, but I am not able to do so. According to this link


the issue I am running into is because I do not have Rocket Launcher installed and that I am using an old version of HyperList. I am simply trying to setup a vanilla version of HyperSpin without the use of Rocket Launcher. 

Question 1: Do I need to install Rocket Launcher to get the Nintendo 64 system to work in HyperSpin?

I have checked the version of my HyperSpin folder to see whether I am using an old version, but everything seems to be up to date. I originally installed HyperSpin 1.3.3 Full Install 1.3.3 from the following link 

and then installed HyperSpin (Upgrade) 1.4.16 1.4.16 located here 

So from what I can tell, I am using the most current version of HyperSpin. Can someone please let me know if I am missing anything?

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Congrats on getting things working and joining the fun.

For PC you are going to need RocketLauncher. HyperLaunch is way out of date.

Try and follow the Official Videos by Avar. They are the most current setup guides


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Thank you for the fast response Thatman84! When I get time today I'll follow the install instructions by Avar. One question that I wanted to follow up on was utilizing Nintendo64 via android. Will the rocket launch install also correct the Nintendo64 emulator error that I am receiving "The emulator just flashes and goes back to the main menu screen" or is this a separate error which I have to work on "look at making Ini changes, ect". 

I know that the emulator and games are correct since I can run this emulator directly thru Retroarch. 

Thanks again for your help and I look forward to hearing back from anyone regarding my other questions. 


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I too have this nintendo 64 problem and im using hyperspin 1.5.1 with rocketlauncher with the latest updates . Did you solve this issue id love to know how , or even how to create the hyperlaunch 2 module as thereare no modules still for the nintendo 64 ahk


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