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Amstrad CPC - Computer System - Media and Project Status

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This thread represents all media that exists for the Amstrad CPC computer system. Please link to any new content or projects relevant to the Amstrad CPC in here to help us keep track.

Note: Pause media yet to be audited.

Amstrad CPC



  • Default (2D) *@1215/3106, low quality, low resolution
  • relic (3D) *Only ~100 in the set and it uses a generic DVD box instead of the actual boxes. Excluded from upload att.

Boxes - Backs:


Genre Backgrounds:

Genre Text:

Genre Wheels: 

Letters: *Pilfered from another Amstrad set

  • Default


Marquee (Default):


  • CPC *adamg
  • Default


Sound - Background Music:

Sounds - Background Music (Default):

Sounds - System Exit:

Sounds - System Start:

Sounds - Wheel Click:

Sound - Wheel Sounds:

Sound - Wheel Sounds (Default):








  • Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Europe) (4:3)
  • Fruity Frank (Europe) (4x3)

Themes (Default): *Passable, but I feel like we can do better

  • Default (4:3) *danielbicio **Logo overlaps wheel
  • Default (HD)(16:9) *danielbicio **Logo overlaps wheel
  • Neonrage (HD)(16:9)
  • relic (4:3) *What seem to be areas marked for info fields look sorely out of place.

Themes (Main Menu):  *Passable, but I feel like we can do better

  • Alternate (4:3) *Animations rough af and low qual, high-jaggy art
  • Burnt (4:3)
  • CPC+ (4:3) *Excluded from uploaded but kept locally
  • Default (4:3) *donald
  • Default (HD)(16:9) *donald
  • Neonrage (HD)(16:9) *Placement is a lil awkward and use of modern character imagery seems out of place.


Transitions - Override:


  • Default *1543/3106. Hundreds of generic text wheels
  • Avar *1060/3106. Medium quality.
  • maxcade - Red (16:9) *1171/3106 (additional 615 in storage due to naming or database mismatch issues)
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I downloaded the database with 3104 games and I see that there is not much media to complete, let alone 3014 videos, there are 374 videos only. 

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