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Cannot view video snap on MAME game theme in Hyperspin - SOLVED


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I'm having a problem viewing the video snap for Guerrilla War (gwar) for MAME in Hyperspin. I have the video snap and it plays fine on its own, but in Hyperspin the theme loads up and I can hear the video snap but not view it in the theme window. I believe it is an xml error - the video is not being placed where the window is; however, I do not know how to fix this.  I'm hoping someone can instruct me on how to do this. I have attached the theme and here's what the xml says:

  <?xml version="1.0"?>


<video start="none" type="grow" bshape="round" bcolor3="0" bcolor2="0" bcolor="0" bsize3="0" bsize2="0" bsize="10" delay="0.5" time="2.5" forceaspect="none" below="no" r="-7" y="309" x="211" h="524" w="398"/>

<artwork1 start="bottom" type="none" delay="0" time="2" y="531" x="213" rest="none"/>

<artwork2 start="top" type="grow" delay="0" time="2" y="128" x="507" rest="none"/>

<artwork3 start="none" type="none" delay="0.5" time="1" y="70" x="227" rest="none"/>

<artwork4 start="left" type="none" delay="0.5" time="2" y="603" x="74" rest="none"/>



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