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  1. Files for pinball Pinball Arcade files.rar Link not working so i uploaded to mega https://mega.nz/#!5ZcgASST!AaLNamxbTrWb0AYnxZ-S9dbi9jFnH7EBDDOHxk9APo4
  2. Hi Annunaki12,

    Would you mind emailing those pinball arcade files to konno.sting@gmail.com or uploading them elsewhere? For some reason I can't download them from your attachment in the forum. Keeps telling me the page doesn't exit.



  3. Yes Diablo works fine as cue/bin only converted to PBP not working I tested Diablo with other compression level with same result My Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (USA) is working to on PBP
  4. Thanks Aorin for confirming Here two more that are not working; F1 Racing Championship (USA) FIFA - Road to World Cup 98 (USA)
  5. Hello I tested and converted ps1 games to PBP and i have mixed results some games not working like *diablo, worms world party, etc Used last retroarch mednafen core I want to know if someone have the same problem or i am doing something wrong
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