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XIN-MO Joystick - Native Support in HS 1.4?????

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Your expert help is requested:


I have freshly installed for HS 1.4 and RL but ran into a snag when testing my setup after enabling the XIN-MO controllers in HYPERHQ.

It was my understanding that version 1.4 brings support for Joystick navigation without the need for a key-mapper.

Is there an additional step beyond enabling the "Joystick" in HYPERHQ?

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Hyperspin 1.4 has joystick support but its very flaky at best,  in most cases it does not work.

your best bet is to map your joystick directly to your emulators and use this to map your joystick to Hyperspin.

the default keys are mapped to a 360 controller, all you have to do is identify your button number and change it to what you want.

if you want button 5 to be your back button all you need to do is modify the HyperSpin Startup Script.ini that is generated when you first run the HyperSpin Startup Script.exe 

Joystick_Exit=Joy7  --->  Joystick_Exit=Joy5



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Thanks for the good info!


I will cross my fingers for updated joystick support in a future version. (I look forward to not having to use a key mapper)

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Howdy, thought I'd link you to a similar issue Ive been having. Have a look, see if it helps at all...Ive got it mostly working in my last post of the thread :)


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