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Login error


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It seems like a HSync server problem as I have the exact same error.

Used to work perfectly untill about 40 minutes ago.

I aready have .NET 4.0 but I reparied using dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe, then reinstalled. Didn't help.

I reset my password and then chnaged it back to what it was. That didnt work.

I made sure to have my HyperSpin login details and my emuMovies details entered as well.

I try to launch using HyperSync Loader.exe

all seems ok but wont login.

When I run wyUpdate.exe I get the following error:

Error trying to save file: Error downloading "http://hyperbase.hyperspin-fe.com/hs3/application/na/wyserver.wys": The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.

I just can't get it to login at all.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Not sure there's any help anyone can give. Looks almost certain it's a HSync server problem. I doubt there's anything we can do to fix it.

We'll just have to be patient I think. These things happen from time to time :(

I'm sure the server admins will have it sorted soon enough.

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