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  1. zerojay

    Latest working systems for Android Shield TV

    Thanks for the explanation. If I could get that Daphne test core, I would really appreciate it.
  2. zerojay

    Latest working systems for Android Shield TV

    Uh... is there some reason you guys aren't using the Core downloader built into Retroarch? No need to "import" anything, no need to worry about permissions, etc...
  3. Nothing short of writing an Android app is going to work here. A simple app will need to receive an intent from Hyperspin, read the extra intent info and then use that info to send an intent to our emulator of choice with extras needed.
  4. Just got back to this last night. I succeeded in creating a task in Tasker that can launch either 32/64 bit versions of Retroarch with the game and config files needed. 64-bit launches and works properly, unlike the previous attempts where it was clear the config file wasn't being passed. Looking into how I can pass parameters to the task to allow me to create one task that can handle all ROMs for a system... and if that works, maybe all ROMs period. Long-term, I'd like to also add the ability to define a libretro core per game from a text file. We'll see. More updates soon.
  5. There are other ways of skinning this cat. A tasker task that sends out the proper intent when it itself is run as an application through HS. Or writing an app that receives intents and then sends them out depending on what it receives. Basically, we would need to create an app that would be the go between HS and Retroarch or whatever else.
  6. Also, in watching how Arc Browser launches the aarch64 build, it's clear that it is passing to Retroarch the path to the config file to use, however Hyperspin is not, which leads to Retroarch making its own best estimate which is wrong.
  7. Odd discovery slightly related to this. The atari800 core has been known broken for Android for months now, but appears to be working the aarch64 build just fine. Another reason to want to get this all working.
  8. zerojay


  9. zerojay

    Game Hacks Collection

    Okay, so here's an unfinished version of the database as it stands currently. I haven't had a ton of time to work on it with E3 zooming up so fast so there are still some potential changes and additions but it might be best to get the eyes of the community on it now. So I want to say the following without sounding like I'm trying to attack those who started this. Without your efforts, I wouldn't have bothered to start work on this, so please don't feel slighted by anything I'm about to say. I took the original list created here in the OP and decided to do the following: * Strip out all minor/useless/low effort graphics hacks, most made during the Nesticle era of emulation (Arctic Tennis, Afro Bros, etc...) * Correct as many ROM hack names as possible, using the name on RHDN as my guide. Unfortunately, this means that the list isn't quite as easy to read when you have simply "New Controls" and not "Earthbound New Controls" but going this route means it's far easier to find the hacks this way. Super Mario World Central and Sonic Retro also were used for their respective series if specific hacks didn't exist on RHDN. (Accuracy of the names is very important because without accuracy, some of these hacks are nearly impossible to find. An example: "Leo" was actually Ieo, making it much easier to find.) * Insert the ROM name and console in the manufacturer slot. Mainly using the "rom name to patch against" from RHDN when possible to make it easier for you to find, but also so that the more ambiguous names caused by the above change are a little easier to deal with as well. Also visible in HS. This will be less of a problem with proper wheels made in the same style as OP. * Added a ton of newer hacks, updates to sport game rosters, multiplayer hacks of single player games and more. Almost 600 hacks total. Current version: https://zerojay.com/nextcloud/index.php/s/yOT6XV5qZLksjPe Let me know what you think.
  10. zerojay

    Game Hacks Collection

    I wouldn't bother, I already have something almost complete already that I'm very close to sharing here. Stripped out all the dupes and worthless graphic hacks and added a ton of stuff including stuff just released. Sent from my SM-G955W using Tapatalk
  11. zerojay

    Game Hacks Collection

    Glad to see that there was an effort at all to get something like this going however the database is just... in really really poor shape with inconsistencies and dupes all over the place. I might take a whack at cleaning it up and adding some more stuff to it.
  12. zerojay

    Game Hacks Collection

    Any chance you can upload the videos anywhere else other than Mega? Their bandwidth limitation makes that Videos package impossible to download.
  13. Apologies that I haven't gotten back to you yet. Been doing hardcore hours on my VR game at work so I haven't had the time. Yes, I did get it working. No, I do not actually have the hack nor the module I used back then to do it. I think I might have special cased it in the module if I remember correctly so if the module saw it was trying to launch the hack, it would launch with different parameters to make it work properly. I guess I could give it another shot since I actually have some time off this weekend, but no promises.
  14. zerojay

    Zelda Hyperspin Intro

    I don't think Hyperspin is a copyright of Nintendo.
  15. zerojay

    Son of a... Street Fighter 5 won't work in a cab?

    Uh, yeah... none of that has ever been true. Lol AAE is very prone to crashing, can't handle most resolutions and is based on ancient MAME code. MAME now is better in every way. Sent from my SM-N920W8 using Tapatalk