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Want to Build a Retrocade


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Hi Guys,

I'm getting ready to build my own Retrocade bartop. I know the TinyArcadeMachine kit is no longer available.

I love the look of the control panel artwork, with the button labels lined up. I'm looking at kits from ArcadeWarp & Tippers, but I can't tell if either kit will be compatible with the control panel / front panel artwork.

I've already read the No-Bull MAME book and Project Arcade 2.0, but I'm stumped which kit to use and how to get MikeKim's artwork to match up perfectly, especially on the Control Panel & Front Panel.

This will be my first arcade build, so I'm looking to make the process as simple as possible. If someone could let me know the best path to take here, I'd really really appreciate it!

Thanks so much,


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My goal, after building my own Retrocade, will be to put together detailed step by step instructions... as well as links and info one where I bought parts etc. I just need to get up to speed on how to build my first

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If you ask for a blank panel, from whatever supplier you choose, you can drill the holes to match. Alternatively give me the measurements of button placement on your pre drilled panel, and I'll adjust the photoshop file to match it.


Mods.. Can you please move this thread to the hyperspin cabinet forum..

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