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Need to decide on buttons


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I need to decide on some buttons for my bartop.

I am thinking of going with the CLASSX buttons from GGG for my player buttons.

I am looking for some nice buttons for player 1, 2, coin, escape, pause, etc that I can add a graphic insert into and will compliment the CLASSX buttons.

I appreciate any feedback

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I have the CLASSX buttons on my machine with the True-Leaf switches and they are awesome. Good quality and authentic with no clicky feeling like you get with the microswitch-based buttons. For the specialty buttons I used the cut vinyl button labels from Pongo over on arcadecontrols on the microswitch-based CLASSX buttons which worked out great.


Based on that thread, it looks like Pongo stopped making them but I think there are some other members that picked up where he left off...just do a search over there.

Hope it helps.

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I have ultralux rgb buttons, to be honest they don't feel that good playing games with them, I'd definitely go for non micro switch buttons for the actual game buttons and maybe micro switched ones for admin.

Black with blue surround would look good on that cp..


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