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Hyperspin Transitions ''glitch'' please help..

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Hello , i don't know if this is the correct place to post this , but i have a problem for a while that i have never figured out whats cause it , and is the fact of that in the transitions , from start to end, it appear this horizontal lines all over the screen , and it's bit annoying , i have done everything to trying to resolve this issue (update drivers , windows , download hyperspin again etc) and it still there , what could be? 
(sorry if my english is bad)


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So this is happening instead of the transition or in addition to the transition?

Have you tried turning transitions off in hyperhq?

Is it always the same lines or only occasionally?


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Hello , thanks for the reply , is happening in addition to the transition (on almost all) , on ''light'' transitions like the one of the screenshot , it appear this lines , but on certain transitions not , its very strange , and yes if i turn transitions off in hyperhq , there are no lines, but you know i like them so much and i'd like to use normally without this , like everyone, i guess , and finally yes the ''pattern'' of lines is the same , but like i said , in certain transitions, and there's something soo strange here because if i navigate through certain themes of some systems , it's like they cause the lines to dissapear and don't reappear until i restart the hyperspin , for example , if i open the hyperspin , always will appear this lines , but if i go specifically to the ''creatronic mega duck'' or ''wii u'' main menu themes , i don't know what have these themes but it causes that the lines disappear , this is giving me some headache because is so wtf 😕

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I think your saying it's only certain transitions and some themes have no issue, i'm getting the impression also that the lines are lingering after the transition has happened?

This doesn't sound like a typical kind of issue to me so i'm afraid I might not be able to help. Hmm a few things you can look at to further narrow it down. Check the transitions individually outside of hyperspin they are swf or fla files or something I think, you can open them to view in something like VLC player. If there are only a few transitions it's possible one in particular is a bit wonky or corrupted or something. Check 'Media\Main Menu\Videos\Override transitions' folder.

You said some themes there is no issue, so the other thing to do would be to look at the themes individually comparing one with no issue to one that always has the problem and see if you can note anything. For example I happen to know that if you have an artwork 1 layer that takes up the full screen it will show up over the top of a transition maybe there is some weirdness there in the theme itself.

The other thing I would try is playing around with the hyperhq options under the 'optimiser' tab and see if ticking or unticking anything helps resolve it. Try the quality setting lower or higher etc. If you have multiple transition effects happening at once they may be layering funny or something.

Just looking at the screenshot makes me think the most likely cause is an issue or incompatibility with whatever is interpreting the transition files not sure where to go with that.

Are your transitions random or the same ones for a a particular wheel. Then you might be able to narrow down if it's a particular transition file to blame. If you can work out which transitions specifically have issues you can then at the least delete them or replace them. There are some packs available for more transitions in the download section, you may be able to download those and try them, then if you have the same issue you can rule out that it's the transition files themselves. 

Good luck!

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Hi , i checked all transitions from the override transitions folder and all of them are .flv , so yes , i can open it with VLC player and it seems all good outside of hyperspin , later i tried to playing around with the hyperhq options and nothing , another thing that i have done was download again the pack of transitions and replace them , and again , nothing changed. Finally I thought that my hyperspin is bugged or something , so i decided to download again the full package hyperspin from downloads section and open it , to see if the lines from the transitions its still there even on the default ones , and yes , lines even on the default transitions , so i think this issue is somenthing related to my pc but who knows what , here i recorded a video that shows exactly what is happening when i start the hyperspin (as you can see , the transition that i put for the saturn system, has the lines on , but like i told you before , if i go for example to the wii u system you can see the green smoke transition that is random btw and that has no lines , but aswell the wii u theme makes the lines of saturn system disappear , so idk what is happening here to be honest , its a very strange issue and i don't know what else to do , but thanks for your replies


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Well that is odd!

If I were you I would change the wheel that hyperspin first opens to to the smoke one and see if having it start on that transitions keeps it clear. Or try and change the transitions it has issues with to a different one, there are lots to choose from! (just copy and rename the smoke effect to the system name in mainmenu/videos/overide transitions) I think there is a way to tell hyperspin which wheel to open on if you prefer, but I forget off the top of my head how.

Someone out there might understand why this is happening, but to me this seems like a finicky enough issue that It might be just better to try and work around.

(Just another thought, check that scanlines are unchecked in hyper hq.)

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