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[Project] Bureau de Cade (BDC)- long term


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Project Status = Nearly Started
Expected Completion = Xmas 2021or Before


I have been a member here for a few years, its been a journey :) Started on HTPC build but didn't enjoy that then moved over to Android and the Shield TV which I managed to get a pretty solid build from but ultimately it does not fullfill my needs and those needs have changed over time. Building work at home has hampered me but also allowed me to create a Desk/Cab space for the project below


Well I have been waiting a long ass time to make this post and .......well I can't wait anymore!!!  Although I have not really got a start date I have enough parts to post but not enough to really get going ANYWAY.

So the concept is an unassuming desk with everything I need to enjoy the games I have nerver played yet. I really want to Pimp my desk and MAME setup, leaning toward Gun, Driving, old arcade games and consoles up to PS2 ish, but also do the general stuff I enjoy other than being a HyperSpin forum whore ;)


  • Wife Friendly STEALTH cab
  • AimTraks (50% complete)
  • NAS (100% complete)
  • Motorised rotating Monitor
  • PlayStation 2 hookup
  • Modular Arcade controls
  • Emulation up to PS2 and early 2000's Arcade
  • Multiple Frontends with RocketLauncher (Probably not gonna achieve this)
  • Some PS2 game storage
  • Removable Joysticks for storage (bit of limit this one)

Chosen housing = Antique Bureau desk


Current Specs

Intel i5-4690T CPU @3.50Ghz
Asus Z97M Motherboard
16GB Kingston RAm (salvaged from a CCTV system or 2)
MSi Geforce GTX 750Ti
Win7 64-bit
Shitty case (to be changed)


Current BDC Task  =  researching/deciding on controls (iPac, U-HID, Spinner+Wheel addon, button layout, RGB or not, Bliss-Box or wireless controller and Joysticks with removable shaft)

Current BDC Prevention = Kitchen revamp & limited funds



Shopping List before project start

  • PC Case and PSU
  • Player 1 CP controls (Buttons, Joystick, Interface)
  • Trackball & Spinner Undecided
  • Driving game Controls

Random shots of my DIRTY current setup and what I'm working with

Oooooo those wires kill me everyday lololo








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Sort out controls. And build those to fit the draw.

The idea is to go modular so I dont have a massive CP to work around daily as 90% of the time its gonna be 1 player.

I am going to house the inteface in player 1 arcade stick then use D shape connectors and cables to extend to 2 player and extra controls.

So long as I have the whole plan figured out then I can start small then add to it as funds become availiable

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