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Zero Delay USB encoders


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Hi Guys. I'm bran new on this forum so I hope I've posted this the right place. 

I have a two player bartop, set up with two Reyman zero delay usb encoders. 
My question is: How do I wire them up correctly to use them with Hyperspin? 

Right now, the buttons for player 1 and two are wired as shown in the Picture. For player 1, buttons on the front are 9, 10 and 11. 
Hope you Guys can help ? 

My Current setup is with a pi, but I'm transitioning to HyperSpin shortly


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zero delay encoders is nothing but a marketing name

serial joysticks sucked and had a horrible delay -->  USB  no delay

what you have is a joystick encoder

you basically saved yourself the trouble of doing this to a USB controller





as you may or may not know  Hyperspin has a bug with USB controllers

DISABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! usb joysticks use in HyperHQ

and use this to map your Joystick Encoder to Hyperspin.

it was built for a 360 Controller but you can change the button numbers to match what you have/want



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