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Hi guys, im quite ending my cabinet and it's time for wiring

i prepare a little schematich here... sorry for italian language but people could see wiring.

i have everything with 12v power (contactors, gear, led.... everything) except knocker: for it i have a 24vcc power (obviously controlled by relay)

questions are:

- how could i connect the four kick harness of ledwiz (1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32) with 12v if i have in port 8 the knocker working at 24v?

- it's really important wire the four bank with 12v if every component (contactors, gear leds...) take the positive directly from 12v power?7

thanks guys :D


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you might want to expand on your diagram a bit more, as its currently missing the protection diodes for the contactors, and the fuses for each connection to the led wiz to prevent overload.

also what resistors are you using for the RGB flashers.. ( I presume 3 watt 27ohm).

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hi mikekim, thanks for answer!

the schematic is really simple and what you don't see here:

- RGB flasher has 33 ohm 5w for red and 27ohm 5w for green and blue ceramic resistors

- RGB has 3AG 500 ma fuse quick blow for every negative just near been wired negative to ledwiz

- contactors: every one has diode 1n4007, fuse close ledwiz (everyfuse for negative to led-wiz quick blow 500ma)

- shaker: diode between + and - and wiring like diagram of klaus of wolfsoft.de and

- shaker: fuse slow blow 10a in positive wiring (from 12vcc power to + of shaker) to save shaker and

- shaker: 500 ma fuse quick blow to negative before arrive to led-wiz to save it

think to write everything

now my question is: why have i to wire from 12vcc power to the four harness of led-wiz if i already wired every components from 12vcc power?

please if you find some incorrect to my explain say to me... i'm here to learn!! :D

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the power for devices runs trough the led wiz which is why you need to daisy chain power each bank. essentially the led wiz completes the circuit and activates the items when required.

have you read the pinball electrical 101 stickied thread, which has loads of information that can help you with your build.

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Yes I read it! Very interesting! But it didn't answer to my questions.

All components run with 12v except knocker run with 24v.

If I daisy chain the four bank with 12v also the harness 8 (here goes the knocker with relay) will run with 12v and not with 24v.

That's my problem

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yes with the wiring you are using the knocker will be running 12v not the 24v you need.

you would be better off looking at the virtual I/O solution from Zebulon. it might be expensive, but you don't need fuses, resistors, protection diodes or relays, and all of your toys run at the correct voltages. the led wiz just runs usb, no power required

here is the wiring diagram for my my build using Zebs I/O board..


contactors are running at 24v

i think the knocker runs at 18v

strobe, shaker and gears run at 12v

RGB flashers at 3.2 - 3.5v

button lights at 5v

all from a standard PC power supply unit.

when i started my build i looked into the same wiring schematic as you are using, but with the release of the I/O boards, they have just made the in cab wiring so much simpler.

he also does lower priced booster boards, if these are a bit expensive.

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Zebs board Is fantastic, I think one of the best choice for people who want to start a project... Although what is sure for me is I won't spend so much money to do the same with less half price.

If I couldn't find a method to run knocker at 24v with my project I'm quite sure to let it run at 12v

Thanks for your answers mikekim! :)

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