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Project Chase Hq 2k


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I'm not an expert at all on driving equipment, but I think you will need to provide info on the wheel and pedal. Wheel could be analog or optical. The manual for the game shows a test screen with an On/OFF for the accelerator. This tells me it is digital and can be hooked up to a normal ipac as a button press. Easiest solution maybe buying a USB wheel and setting up the analog controls as a joystick in mame. Again, I have never done this, but knowing how mame works it would be my first approach.

I would read over this thread and contact its owner: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?33090-R-Pod-MkII-Driving-Simulator

It will hopefully set you on the right path. My guess would be to make both wheel and pedal analog so that you can maximize the games you can play. No idea how that would work on games like Off Road whose wheel would just spin 360 degrees.

Maybe reach out to Mr. Do and see if he has hi-res assets for the cabinet (although I doubt it).

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