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Help with artwork template - Rich's Bartop


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Hopefully I'm posting this in the right thread.

I purchased a 2 player flatpack bartop arcade cabinet on ebay from Rich's Bartop ( Image below )

I got this over a year ago and I'm only getting around to finally finishing it off :facepalm:

I asked Rich if he had a blank template/psd for the artwork, he said he didn't, but someone had uploaded a template to this forum.

I've been searching through all the posts but cant seem to find the template, would anyone happen to have the template or could they possibly point me in the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated.




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Sorry to bring this up again, I'm just anxious to get the template so I can finish off the cabinet.

So far I have it wrapped in vinyl and put the t moulding on, its been sitting like this for almost a year

as I haven't had the time to finish it but this time I'm determined!


I believe the template looks something along the lines of this but I cant find the large file



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Looks very nice! how did you put the vinyl on? is it the one with look like a sticker? make it a bit wet and put it on?

i wonder how the corners look, because the mostly dont look that pretty.

i can make one for you, i work with CDR files, if you want, but i need the complete size, i could also be printing them for you if you want.



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Cheers Gerurver,

I went against the advice of most people, I didn't prime the MDF, I didn't heat treat, I didn't make it wet...I just peeled it off and stuck it on :)

Although I do advise you to have someone on hand to help, I had to toss some in the bin as it got stuck to itself..or me!

The corners aren't much of a problem, most of them are going to be hidden when everything is put together. I was careful with how I

cut and wrapped around, I can take a snap for you if you like?

The finish is Matt, but you can go glossy. I wrapped the whole thing for under €20, I wrapped the sides and control panel even though

I intend on putting art on them so you could possible do it for less.

I have designed the art, but the dimensions are wrong. I think I can roughly work out the size now. Heres how the art should look :



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Hi ! I'm also looking for an artwork template that fits the Richs bartop 2-player 100% (CLASSIC BARTOP ARCADE 2 PLAYER DIY FLAT PACK KIT 18MM BLACK MELAMINE T-MOLD SLOT).
Any help og link would be much appreciated !!

Happy retrogaming from DK ,-)

Rich Classic Bartop 2PLY.jpg

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Has anyone found a Photo Shop template for this type of arcade system? I have looked everywhere and can only find like the slanted side.
MikeKim has posted his a few times

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