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  1. Hello Hyperspinners. Yesterday i started to play with my I-Pac ultimate I/0. I played with Rocketblinky made by some guys here, my god, thank you a lot! What a timesaver is this!. followed some tutorials from ninja, and i am almost done with mame. There is only 1 problem for me, i dont have a "coin" button physical. My controlpanel use the "player one" for shift and the first button of player 1 for a "coin" Is there a way, to make hyperspeech tell this, and ledblinky to show with the buttons? Or, is this a no go? I hope someone can help me out. Greets, Ger
  2. Okay, i solved it myself i think. in the Nvidia settings when you let the software decide it runs slow (only hyperspin with a game that start) in rocketlauncher there is no choppy or lag in sound.???? so i change the nvidia setting to use my preference emphasizing .....my setting is now Performance. hope i can help someone else with this answer;)
  3. Hai, i have now the same problem. trough hyperspin 1.4.0 when i launch a game, it is choppy laggy with CPiii system games trough mame. when i launch it trough rocketlauncher there is no lag or slow speed. only thing that helps, if i put the resolution lower. W7 64 bit, i5 GT730 so the rig is strong enough i think? can somebody help me? thanks Ger
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