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SETUP: Hyperspin for Android

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z7jPgNL.jpg?1  SETUP:  Hyperspin (for Android)
  • Install
    • Install Android .apk on your NVIDIA Shield portable, tablet, or TV/console
    • Copy data to internal storage or insert sdcard or connect USB hard drive with Hyperspin data
    • Run app
  • Android additions 
    • Hyperspin will seek and prioritize /usbdrive/Hyperspin first, then /sdcard1/Hyperspin, then /sdcard/Hyperspin for your data
    • Optional additional database file called "Main Menu_Android.xml" offers a subset or superset of wheels 
    • Optional additional settings folder called /Settings_Android allows both Windows and Android launcher/rompaths to co-exist.
    • Within settings .ini files, you can define multiple emulators on the exe= and parameter= lines (i.e. 2600.emu and Retroarch/Stella) and it will launch the first emulator that is installed.   See the example Android .ini files posted in the download area..
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Supported Hyperspin ini config file settings


The two major types of ini config files in Hyperspin are Settings.ini, and the Game System.ini file that each wheel menu loads.    This is the list of currently supported ini config file options that are 'hooked up' in our Hyperspin Android app.    If not 'supported', then there is a hard-coded value or the parameter is ignored currently.



Settings.ini file


 Menu_Mode=<supports "multi" and "single" menu mode>

  -multi - Default mode that goes from Intro->Main Menu->Game Menu

  -single - Mode that goes from Intro->Game Menu

 Single_Mode=<supports name of directory to use for game level menu>

 Enable_Exit=<not supported>

 Exit_Default=<not supported>

 Exit_Action=<not supported>

 Version=<not supported>



 Not supported - It always renders fullscreen stretched to display



 Not supported

  -It always renders with bilinear filtered textures

  -No support for backgrounds outside of video transitions



 Not supported - It always plays intro video and stops on keypress



 Not supported - Only controllable with Android volume controls



 Not supported



 [P1 Controls]

 [P2 Controls]

 [P1 Joystick]

 [P2 Joystick]



 Not supported - Only hardcoded support for Android controllers


 [startup Program]

 [Exit Program]



 Not supported




Game System.ini file  

 [exe info]

 path=<not supported>

 rompath=<supports absolute path to menu's rom directory>

 userompath=<not supported, it's always "true">

 exe=<supports package/class format of launching intents>

 romextension=<supports comma-seperated list of rom extensions to use>

 parameters=<supports "cores/emulator_library.so" format for libretro>

 searchsubfolders=<not supported, does not search subfolders>

 pcgame=<supports "true" and "false">

  -true - Looks in database.xml for package/class to launch

  -false - Launches "exe" intent with "parameter" options

 winstate=<not supported>

 hyperlaunch=<not supported, always "false">



 parents_only=<not supported, always "false">

 themes_only=<supports "true" and "false">

 wheels_only=<not supported, always false>

 roms_only=<supports "true" and "false">



 Not supported



 alpha=<not supported, always "1">

 speed=<not supported>

 vert_wheel_position=<not supported, always "right">

 text_with_images=<not supported, always "true">

 text_width=<supports any pixel width value>

 text_font=<not supported, always uses default font>

 small_text_width=<supports any pixel width value>

 large_text_width=<supports any pixel width value>

 text_stroke_size=<not supported>

 text_stroke_color=<not supported>

 text_color1=<supports hex value color>

 text_color2=<supports hex value color>

 text_color3=<not supported>

 color_ratio=<not supported>

 shadow_distance=<not supported>

 shadow_angle=<not supported>

 shadow_color=<not supported>

 shadow_alpha=<not supported>

 shadow_blur=<not supported>



 x=<supports any x value>

 y=<supports any y value>


 [video defaults]

 Not supported



 Not supported



 Not supported


 [artwork2 defaults]

 [artwork3 defaults]

 [artwork4 defaults]

 Not supported


 [special Art A]

 [special Art B]

 default=<supports "true" or "false" use of default special art in "Main Menu">

 active=<supports "true" or "false" to enable rendering of special art>

 x=<supports x location of special art>

 y=<supports y location of special art>

 in=<not supported>

 out=<not supported>

 length=<supports seconds of how long each special art file should display>

 delay=<not supported>

 type=<not supported>

 start=<not supported, always "none">


 [Game Text]

 game_text_active=<not supported, always "true">

 show_year=<not supported, always "true">

 show_manf=<not supported, always "true">

 show_description=<not supported, always "true">

 text_color1=<supports hex color of top of text>

 text_color2=<supports hex color of bottom of text>

 stroke_color=<supports hex color of text outline>

 text_font=<not supported, always uses default font>

 text1_textsize=<supports size of description text>

 text1_strokesize=<supports size of description text outline>

 text1_x=<supports x location of description text>

 text1_y=<supports y location of description text>

 text2_textsize=<supports size of title text>

 text2_strokesize=<supports size of title text outline>

 text2_x=<supports x location of title text>

 text2_y=<supports y location of title text>


 [Genre Screen]

 Not supported - Genre Screen not implemented

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Tested Emulators  

This is a list of tested emulators and their working ini config settings. 


Retroarch - Various emulators 


 parameters=<choose one of the emulator cores like below>


Examples of retroarch core parameters

Atari 2600 core:


PSX core:



libretro cores:














































NES.emu - NES




MSX.emu - Colecovision, MSX, etc.




Mame4Droid - MAME



* rom folder path set inside app (need to request this fix)


Reicast - Dreamcast




Drastic - Nintendo DS




Fpse - PSX







 * change romext=cue in settings.ini, iso did not work for me


PPSSPP (FREE version) - PSP








Gearoid - Sega Game Gear




Colem - Speccy ZX - fMSX VGBANext

 Emulators from Garage Research


 com.fms.colem.deluxe - Colem - Colecovision

 com.fms.fmsx.deluxe - fMSX

 com.fms.ines - iNES

 com.fms.emu - VGBAnext - GBA/GBC/GB Emulator

 com.fms.vgb - VGBc - Gameboy Color

 com.fms.mg - Master Gear - Sega Game Gear

 com.fms.speccy.deluxe - Spectrum Sinclair ZX






 Set "??" to "com.fms.emulib.MainActivity" for all products but VGBAnext. 

 For VGBAnext:

 ??=com.fms.vgba.MainActivity for opening *.gba files

 ??=com.fms.vgb.MainActivity for opening *.gbc/*.gb files


Launch android app package names in database.xml

Determine Android game name through Google Play web interface.


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