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KNOWN ISSUES: Hyperspin (for Android)


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z7jPgNL.jpg?1  Hyperspin (for Android) 

Updated 3/18/2017

New Issues


Known Issues - 6/10/2015

  • SWF
    • Missing swf sound
    • Slow decode speed when loading jpegs with alpha channel  (Primal Rage, King of Monsters)
    • Incorrect animation speed
      • Boot Hill, Bomb Jack, Ironman ISSOTP, Ninja Gaiden, Red Baron, etc.
    • Rendering clipped by movie bounds, wrong position
      • 1943, Enduro Race, Fever SOS, Hippodrome,  Jail Break, Jungle Hunt, Red Baron, Ninja Gaiden, SAR, Splatterhouse, Super SF2T (world), Tondemo Crisis, Wargods, etc.
    • Crashes
      • Crazy Kong, Heavy Barrel, Super Mario themes (NES/SNES), Sexy Parodius
    • Incorrect animation looping point
      • Assault, Jumping Jack, Life Force,  Metal Slug, Mighty Pang, Millipede,, Konami's Ping Pong, Rabbit Punch, R-Type, Salamander, etc.
    • Missing focal gradient support
    • Missing blend modes (corruption)
      • Galaxy Force 2, King of the Monsters, Lock-On, Night Driver, Return of Invaders, Super Bomberman2 (SNES), Windjammers
    • Not yet implemented "type" animations
      • Arc Grow, Arc Shrink
      • Blur
      • Bounce, Bounce Around 3D, Bounce Random
      • Chase
      • Elastic, Elastic Bounce
      • Flag
      • Flip
      • Grow Blur, Grow Bounce
      • Pendulum
      • Pixelate, Pixelate Zoom Out
      • Rain Float
      • Scroll
      • Stripes, Stripes 2
      • Strobe
    • Not yet implemented "rest" animations
      • Squeeze
  • OTHER theme issues
    • bshape="round" unsupported
      • 1on1gov, battletoads, etc.
    • Rotation along the y-axis not perspective correct
    • Particle layer not yet implemented
    • Delay before looping on some videos
    • Potential audio corruption/clipping with video playback
    • At least one transition video MUST be copied in the frontend/video/transitions folder
  • WHEEL (features not yet implemented)
    • Missing up/down scrolling animation
    • Missing left/right skipping animation
    • Missing sound effects
    • Missing left/center wheel position
    • Missing text_stroke_size, text_stroke_color, text_color3, color_ratio
    • Crash when loading an empty wheel
    • Sub-wheel, wheel layout parameters
    • Horizontal mode
    • Missing special art switching animations
  • Other missing features
    • Favorites, Genres
    • Widescreen mode
    • Render 3D models
    • Touch-screen input
    • Additional settings and configuration hook-up
    • Additional support for more Android devices
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Indeed, there is a substantial amount of complexity around playing back .swf without relying on Adobe's Flash player.

After a year of work on this, most of the .swf issues I mention are bugs we've identified and haven't had a chance to root-cause and fix yet.

It's assumed with time and effort, most issues can be fixed but the issues that are still outstanding are likely to be tricky.


If you, Matt, or Rondar can shed light on ideas about special modes or features that make those .swf's different from others, that would be very helpful.

The few .remaining swf's causing a crash are the biggest worry and our theory is they might involve actionscript.

For the .swf's that have miscalculated bounding box or position, perhaps there are additional parameters in the source .swf that our parser doesn't understand yet.


So, if modified .swf's are possible and can address the problem soon, that would be _awesome_.   That said, many of the problematic .swf's are gorgeous so would really like to see them work and not be degraded in any way.

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So the coder working on the OpenGL-accelerated flash renderer engine painstakingly looked through all crashing swfs above and they all have one thing in common.  They are using “Generic Vector” types. They are undocumented in the Actionscript Virtual Machine 2 (AVM2) spec and are not supported in Hyperspin for Android.    It may be possible to add them eventually but it's unlikely to happen soon.


So feedback to authors of crashing swfs can modify their as3 code to avoid “Generic Vector” types.   I have no experience with actionscript, but I believe they are of the form:




Also, they should also avoid “Runtime Qualified (Late) Names” as those aren’t supported (yet) either. According to the AVM2 spec, they are of the form:


var ns = getANamespace();

x = ns::r;




var x = getAName();

var ns = getANamespace();

w = ns::[x];




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Of the themes you've listed that I've done the one thing they have in common is that they use embedded graphic or movie elements within the main time line.  To use Tondemo Crisis as an example, the head is animated separately when the smoke comes out (after the zoom has happened) and then that entire element is animated rotated left/right on the main time line.


There's no action script in any of mine (other than stop, gotoAndPlay).


If you want me to send you the source Flash of any of these, then PM me.


EDIT : Yesterday's effort, Pulsar, has embedded graphics elements and significant chunks of masking using native Flash shapes.  Might be worth checking that out and going with that source as a test instead?

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>> EDIT : Yesterday's effort, Pulsar, has embedded graphics elements and significant chunks of masking using native Flash shapes.  Might be worth checking that out and going with that source as a test instead?


It looks good -- no issues.

Subzero sent a new aburner theme and it worked fine (and looks gorgeous!) as well.

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