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  1. today i have a appt with my therepist and my psychiatrist today today and as always i tellthem both just leave me with my video games and ill be fine do that and keep my pills refilled and they both can stuff there couches up there butts . im doing fine!

  2. today j hve a appt with my therepist and my psychai

  3. today j hve a appt with my therepist and my psychai

  4. Today i have a appt with my therepist nan

  5. Today i have a appt with my therepist nan

  6. Today i have a appt with my therepist nan

  7. Today i have a appt with my therepist nan

  8. I wish i had more money and had more PC smarts!

  9. As far as rerto gaming is concerned i really really want Gran turismo A Spec and Gran Turismo 4

    1. Oldgamer51


      Other than the two prior Turismo A spec and 4 I both love to me 1 & 2 open the door to awesome and A Spec and 4 made it a home.

  10. That's weird THK not to long brfore I decided to switch back to 7 I ran inyo the "black of death" it was a decent fix I just had to refigured my ram slot order< so I got lucky but also when I finally went to got around to doing my redo I put my installation disk I put in the the rom tray and put hit restart pc and and normally the installation starts but noooo not windows ten it wants to boot normally I had to go to hit f12 so it will tell the pc to ignore the hardrive and boot from the disk im telling you windows 10 and Microsoft is trying to keep ya. then windows had the nerve to hide a boot file on my secondary hardrive of course I deleted that right away when I found it....lol
  11. ive had a issue with all my fallout games except 4 cause my rig wouldn't had ran it any way I had issue with my mass effect games. and I wasn't pointing out the .ini file in particular I was just fed up with windows 10 in itself its like it has no stabiltity s system to call itself home ya now what I mean?
  12. lucky ducks that are able to have a ps2 emu.
  13. windows 10 is the very reason I restore my 7 back to original, windows 10 is the devils work I could not play one of my older games decently while windows was installed it was a hassle to get the right combalitity to set up to get the game to run even close to decent. stick with 7 windows 7 rule!
  14. off to the the V.A. therepist today for my monthly headshrinking...lol

  15. Im always to see the work and time put into those types of post, I am mostly impressed.
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