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  1. Thx Mjrhp, now that you mention it, i have seen those lines in the LEDS on close picture shots. Yeah i saw for the plasmas that they recommend the transformer and piggyback board. $40 each. Now it makes sense they are $169. I asked Zeb if i needed those and he confirmed i did. I didn't know real pinball machines had plasmas. Well based on your Theatre of Magic lasting so long, I think I will go with the plasma. Those lines will bug me.
  2. Plasma DMD over an LED one? Why is it cheaper? Any problems with the plasma i should know about? thx http://virtuapin.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=123
  3. That's what i love about this community, always looking to improve! Nice work!
  4. Oh ok thx, I thought something was wrong with the first one. So it's just a upgrade, sweet!
  5. So what's the difference from pindmd1 and pindmd2?
  6. I have heard guys are putting a Volkswagen wiper gear motor in for sound effects.
  7. Thx Josh for all your hard work. It was a blast working with you! Married with kids, coaches their teams, works a full time job and still has time for us, thank you! I highly recommend Josh, Easy to work with, down to earth kinda guy, Fast emails and updates on the progress, 20% off and Can do total CUSTOM work and can make your Dreams or Vision a Reality. For me, First impressions are important and the artwork is the first thing people will see when they come over. I want people to say, "WOW" when they see it cause i know they will say "WOW" when they play it!!!! thx Josh again and i will start my thread soon, now that i have the most important thing checked off my list!
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