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  1. Oh man, Yeah I like posting my mistakes so history doesn't repeat its self. Lol
  2. Yeah it has been quite around here but I'll keep posting until I am done with the beast.
  3. Reading my quote again, I am not sure why I said it that way. Lol. I think I was just making sure there was no new support for VP.
  4. I need to get this ball rolling before the Metallica table is released or I will really be depressed. [emoji53]
  5. I have been so depressed lately [emoji20][emoji20] not even looking at forums or anything. because I sent back my boards back to Canada to get it repaired by Zeb and he has not received the package. 02/12/15 my wife sent it through the post office, paid cash and lost the receipt . So I have been working on little things here and there on the pin just waiting and hoping my boards show up but it's not looking good. It's the heart of the beast. My 46" has been out of the cab ever since and even my cab looks depressed like , "hey, why aren't you playing with me??" It's so frustrating and just one of those things that you can't believe happened. I think I have to just man up and move on by buying the boards I lost so myself and others can enjoy the machine instead of it being a giant paper weight. [emoji24][emoji24]
  6. Yeah, so I couldn't send the boards back for repair until I figured out my knocker issue. I went back to the 26-1200 knocker and put the diode on that and bam!!! The sweet loud bang of the replay knocker echoed the house. Like everyone else said before, "it scared the crap out of me."
  7. Ok, So I put the diode on the same knocker and tested it again. Wow, I never thought I would hear the sound of bacon cooking with a circuit board. Lol. Oh and that magic white smoke I have heard about, yeah instantly appeared. That told me the knocker was fried. I don't have a pic of both ports fried but it looks like the first pic but now two ports off line now.
  8. Ok, this is where the fun started. All ports on the SMT board worked and the lights lit up so that means my soldering was good enough. It was a great feeling seeing the lights and hearing all the force feed back sounds (Contactors, shaker/gear motors) Then the replay knocker was next to be installed. The contractors are 24v and the knocker is 50v I think. The ATX board is awesome, it has ports for 3v, 5v, 12v, 24v, and 32v. I wanted to power the knocker with the 32v port. I read some where 24v worked too but I wanted as much power as i could get. I bought the Williams replay knocker 26-1200 along time ago but Zeb said the 23-800 works best with his boards so I bought that one too. The knocker has two wires a black and a red wire. It doesn't matter which one goes to the atx board to power it (which would be the positive) as long as the diode is installed right on it. There is a little stripe on the diodes. This end goes to the positive side. It acts like a check valve for electricity. Well....... my dumb ass didn't put one on the knocker and boom!! The lights went out and a smell of burnt wire in the air. The knocker was too hot to touch. This is what it looks like when you're doing it right. This is when you don't put a diode on a coil. Lucky for me, Zeb protects his boards. For the ATX board, it was just a fuse. Not so lucky with the SMT board port.
  9. The hard part was to figure out the layout and where to start. Zeb hooked me up with a diagram on what went to what.
  10. Sorry for the crapy phone pics. This light lets you know you have power to the board. I didn't at first because the wire to the ATX Board wasn't screwed in tight enough.
  11. First I had to unsolder the Ledwiz joints on the back, then resolder to the SMT Booster Board. Big thx to youtube and Electricmagma
  12. I had no idea I needed some soldering skills to make these two go together. A couple youtube soldering videos and a few hours, i was pretty impressed with myself. Some of the domes don't look perfect in the pic but I fixed them after I saw the pic.
  13. I have done a lot of work here and there on the pin but haven't put any updates on here. With the family visiting family, i have some free time to give you guys an update.
  14. I thought the BAM only worked for Future Pinball but I could be mistaken.
  15. Love your theme! Looks great so far. If I could go back I would buy a 28" tv for the back box. If you go 32'', I found out everything you need for you back box, you have to custom make or order. The inside of my back box ended up being 30"wide x 26 3/4" tall. H-channel, DMD panel had to be custom. Its like 3 more inches then standard. good luck and welcome.
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