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  1. serotta33


  2. Welcome! Starting a new project is always exciting. Good luck!
  3. yup. i must be drunk. Throwing wheels in general discussion. going to bed.
  4. Burning Paper (Japan) I believe this is the end of the "B"s. Moving on to the "D"s.
  5. I second what Brolly said about contributing. Knewlife and I are pumping out the Photoshop work on Game Boy Wheels. Polemicist has been organizing and hunting down the source art for us. It's working quite well so far. As far as the time needed to mint up a set. Some of these sets could take a year or so if only a few peeps are working on it. Not that I'm in a hurry. Heck, I chose Game Boy just cause there was very little already done for it. Hey, Brolly. How many active Project members are we running right now?
  6. I'm already old and grey... Well kinda... I'm with you on the Game Boy. Monochrome needs love too!!!
  7. My photoshop skills are increasing. I just started contributing to the Game Boy wheel set and it's going great. For an example of my work, see the official Game Boy wheel art thread. How do we officially join the project? So exciting! This project could open the flood gates!
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