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  1. Have you guys seen this? Comments are disabled on all videos of course. The description of the videos reads "OFFICIAL HYPERSPIN YOUTUBE CHANNEL" and points to their site as the official Hyperspin site with a bunch of other links. **link removed by admin**
  2. Hypersearch is great the only problem is sometimes it loses focus to Hyperspin and you have to alt + tab back into it. What I mean by freezing is just that, after exiting a game it will freeze and not respond to any input from a keyboard or controller even if you alt + tab into it. The video still plays but it doesn't reposing to any input until you alt + f4 out and start it up again. There's been some talk about this here before. Someone mentioned removing the skip up/down keys in HyperHQ as a fix. I tried this and it did fix the issue so it looks like the problem happens when you press left/right quickly followed by up/down. If you want to recreate the problem, exit a MAME game and do a reverse hadouken (right, down) right away a few times. Might take you 2 or 3 tries but it will happen. This is behavior that can easily happen in real world use when random people are playing on your arcade if they're the kind to spazz out on the controls.
  3. I still love Hyperspin, sure much can be done to update it like what dark13 has done with his skin but to me the most important thing would be to fix some of the bugs like how it freezes if you press up/down plus left/right quickly after exiting a game. Also adding a built in search feature would be nice. I have seen people complain about HS being ugly, I don't know how anyone can say that except for having only seen some of these builds that people sell that are really badly put together. It can definitely look ugly depending on your choice of themes and other art work.
  4. Dark I just happened to come across your skin the other day on YouTube. It looks amazing!
  5. anyone have street fighter II turbo or Mario kart working? Having trouble with those 2.
  6. Isn’t this just Taito Type X?
  7. I started playing with joytokey but unless I am missing something, rocketlauncher doesn't seem to have the ability to send profiles to joytokey on a per controller basis. Figured I'd ask you since you mentioned using joytokey. On the RL wiki (link below), all exaples of the paths to profiles for joytokey don't include specific controller directories. I'm guessing this is because of the way joytokey lumps all player profiles into one file unlike xpadder which uses a separate file for each player. http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Keymapper#jtk
  8. I'm not fully understanding your method but that's ok, whatever works. It sounds like we're both getting what we need in our own way.
  9. Yeah you're leaving out some major details. I have everything configured to work the same way with custom WINIPAC profiles but to get things to work both when 2 Xbox controllers are plugged in and also when 4 xbox controllers are plugged in takes some doing. I use alternate MAME emulators with the keys reversed for example so that when 2 Xbox controllers are plugged in, they are assigned P1/P2 profiles and therefore end up being players 3 and 4 while the control panel joysticks get assigned custom WINIPAC profiles to match P1/P2 in MAME.
  10. I can just have only P3 and P4 for Xbox if i just want to use 2 joys and 2 xbox for 4 players games. How? When you have only 2 Xbox controllers plugged in they're automatically assigned the P1/P2 profiles.
  11. Yep, but you have to keep Xbox1 and Xbox2 turned on even if the players are using Joy1 and Joy2 instead correct?
  12. Skoobie0000 where are you? lol I can log in to your system through Teamviewer and set up your preferred controllers to see if the feature works ok on your system.
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